12 Powerful Press Release Ideas for Any Business

Social Media Press Release Template

Social Media Press Release Template by Todd Defren

A press release is the quickest and easiest way to gain more expose, increase traffic to your website and inform the media and other relevant public’s what is new.  The struggle of course is that it can often be difficult to keep coming up with exciting and fresh ideas on a regular basis. But there are 12 simple subjects you can come back to time and time again to have relevant traditional press releases – with or without a great press release headline:

New Member of Staff

The easiest idea for a press release is to talk about a new member of staff, or a promotion. This shows that your company is growing and expanding. This is something which will instill trust in your business in the current economic climate.

New Website

Whether it is a full website redesign, or just a few small changes, publicizing your new website is a great idea for a press release.  This shows your company is growing and changing. You can also talk about any social networking websites you may have joined.

New Contract/Client

This is a great way to publicize both you and your client. Discuss the benefits of your new relationship and detail what the collaboration will mean for both parties. A press release on new clients is also a good way to showcase what services your business has to offer.

Receiving an Award

If you have been awarded ‘Best Workplace’ or ‘Company of the Year’, let your clients know. Awards build your credibility and recognition amongst your clients and peers. This is also a great way to show that you’re a trustworthy company to deal with.

Launch of a New Product

This is possibly the most obvious press release idea. Detail the benefits of your new product, and use statistics and survey results to back up why your product is beneficial for its intended market. You can also use this template to inform clients of new services you’re offering.

Contrarian View

Offering a contradictory view on a current event or market trend is a great way to get your name out there – if you do it right. No matter how controversial, make sure you can support your arguments with quotes and facts. For example, write a press release saying that social media is bad for business. Just make sure you back any claims up with quotes.

Expert/Authority View

If you or someone in your business is an industry expert, use their knowledge to give advice or views. You instantly gain trust with your clients if you can display that you are an authority on a particular subject.

The Piggyback

‘Piggybacking’ on current events is a really easy press release idea. Talk about a current event and how your business or products have a solution for this. Current event keywords are also a great way to ensure web users find your press release

Survey Results

Publishing the results of a survey or quiz is another simple but effective press release. You already have your supporting facts to any points you make. This can also be incorporated with a contrarian view depending on results.

Training Event or Exhibition

Tell your clients about any events you’re holding, or an exhibition you’re attending. Let them know where to find you and what to expect from you exhibition stands. If you’re holding an event, give details of where to find it and what clients can expect.

Seasonal Promotions

One off or limited-time-only promotions are another simple press release idea. As with your product launch releases, list the benefits and what exactly is on offer to your clients. This is also a great way to encourage customers to buy with you for the first time.

Make a Prediction

Publish a press release with your predictions for the following quarter or year. As long as you can support these with facts and quotes they are likely to be read and republished. Again, you can offer a contrarian prediction to make your releases stand out.

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