Top PR Firms in Atlanta

Top PR Firms in Atlanta

Altanta has much to offer. It has the largest aquarium in the Western hemisphere, the Georgia Aquarium, and what is more relevant to Everything–PR is that is has three Public Relation firms that embrace their Atlanta roots but also have enough hunger to forage for work in all parts of the U.S. It is not easy to go from being the big fish in a pond to being amongst an ocean of other PR firms fighting for the same work. To have a successful nationwide presence Trevelino/Keller, The Wilbert Group, and Jackson/Spalding rely on the intersection of vision and hard work

All three firms started out in Atlanta, Georgia but now have a forceful presence across the country. Trevelino/Keller contributes their success to collaborative and cross-discipline thinking. The Wilbert Group also has a strong nationwide presence due to the founder’s journalism and networking expertise. Jackson and Spalding goes by their famous motto, “common sense integrated with marketing communications” to maintain its respected and trustworthy image.

All three of these Atlanta public relations companies are unique in their own way and can be looked at as inspiration to grow your pr firm.

Trevelino Keller - Atlanta PR Firm


Dean Trevelino and Genna Keller, founders of Trevelino/Keller in Atlanta, were doing so well in their first year that they had to move two times. Today the public relations agency has expanded nationwide with a presence in San Francisco, Orlando and Charleston, SC. In doing this they have put a priority in their people regardless of geography. The agency specializes in public relations, social media, and brand marketing. This firm has been recognized as being especially relevant to corporate clients as well as the technology, lifestyle, franchising and health industries. Trevelino/Keller’s Atlas Alliance – provides international PR support in Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

The firm has diversified into four distinctive spin-off public relations and communications agency brands:

  • Groovy Studios is a marketing/communications platform for startup companies.
  • StartOpia is a portal connection for startups, service firms, and capitalists.
  • WheelhouseTK is the agency’s exclusive brand that connects a broad variety of PR expertise together in the areas of video services, SEO/PPC, and media planning.
  • Consume Brands is made up of an expert team of food and beverage professionals to serve the firm’s clients within the restaurant, manufacturing, food service, and hospitality industries.

Trevelino/Keller has been instrumental in creating a diversified selection of services for clients with integrated public relations and communications needs. The agency’s philosophy begins with the premise that a successful business cannot completely rely on technology. And that there must be a strategic and thoughtful approach to leverage tools such as SEO/PPC, secondary media buying, lead generation, customer relationship management tactics, social media mining, and experiential marketing. At Trevelino/Keller, cross-discipline thinking and collaboration define the future for a successful PR firm.

Wilbert Group - Atlant PR Firm

The Wilbert Group

The Wilbert Group was founded by principal Tony Wilbert, who dedicates over two decades of expertise in public relations, journalism, and corporate communications to the firm’s clients. The Wilbert Group is based in Atlanta although it provides services on a national basis. Tony Wilbert has an extensive background in journalism and brings that tenacity of getting the story right to benefit their client’s messaging. Their extensive network of contacts extends to the business community, the media, and to newsrooms across the country.

The firm’s clientele include industries such as real estate, financial services, travel, retail education, and the nonprofit sector. Driving business objectives and delivering efficient and successful results across a diverse group. A glimpse of The Wilbert Group clientele: JLL, Cortland Partners, Lucas Group, hubzu, Atlantic Station, Avalon, Camana Bay, Equifax, Sparks Grove, and Ben Carter Enterprises.

Five PR strategies that differentiate The Wilbert Group from the firm’s competition are:

  • Journalism Tradition –The Wilber Group staff is made up of experienced former reporters and editors. That means they have an extensive network of relationships with newsrooms nationwide and the ability to analyze the media landscape continually. Also to optimize public relations results for clients. They know how to tell stories and meet deadlines.
  • Subject Matter Expertise – This is the firm’s ability to research each client’s business plan and marketing strategies.
  • Strategic Thinking – The firm’s media relations has been leveraged to a broad spectrum of communication tools including media relations, social media, speaking engagements, white papers, collateral materials, employee communications, website development, issues management, and byline articles.
  • Efficiency – This is the firm’s unique ability to evaluate each client’s present marketplace status and mission.
  • Connections – Building business relationships – through interactions with clients and journalists.

Jackson Spalding - Atlanta Public Relations

Jackson Spalding

It all started in 1995 when eight public relations professionals who shared a vision about developing a top notch PR firm got together. This vision is still intact today. Every day they believe there is a better way to help their clients. It all revolves around their motto: Common Sense, integrated with marketing communications. JacksonǀSpalding has become one of the most trusted and respected agencies in Atlanta

Getting the client’s message right – the first time – has proven to measure JacksonǀSpalding’s success. The firm implements Message Development and Message Delivery to map the study of each client’s goals and customer targets.

Their public relations planning methods have rewarded JacksonǀSpalding with high-quality clients such as OliverMcMillan, Delta Air Lines, Toyota Motor Sales, Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Klyde Warren Park, Terrapin Beer, Primrose Schools, and Orkin, LLC.

JacksonǀSpalding is a member of PROI Worldwide as a means of utilizing local resources throughout the globe and to better serve clients through best trade practices.

In the public relations world, it is essential to make your company stand out and find the means to expand your company image. Trevelino/Keller, the Wilbert Group, and Jackson/Spalding have arguably perfected their company strategies for maximum growth and success.

In the public relations world, it is essential to make your company stand out and find the means to expand your company image. Trevelino/Keller, the Wilbert Group, and Jackson/Spalding have arguably perfected their company strategies for maximum growth and success.

Each impressive company found a method that works best for them, and perfected their own company strategies. All three pr firms have their own methods for growth and reaching success nationwide, which proves there is no one path to reaching company’s goals.

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