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Shadow Public Relations, Syndicate Media and more – we highlight the top Nightlight PR Firms in NYC

In the city that never sleeps, it’s not hard to find something happening any night of the week, but finding the best of the best takes some understanding or good connections. We’re sharing some of the connections and the places to start. So come and discover the New York City the PR firms that create  happening venues: 

Shadow PR

Shadow PR. Shadow Public Relations opened in 2007 by Brad Zeifman and Lisette Sand-Freedman. They have two locations, West Hollywood CA and New York City. They are a full-service hospitality, night-life, fashion, beauty, and children’s products publicity agency. The latter being added as the business partners are also married with kids.

Nightlife, entertainment for locations and matching facilities and celebrities to events hosted by their corporate clients is a big part of what Shadow does. Some of their clients include aerie, 77kids, Armani Exchange, Linea Pelle, Dior Beauty, black 15in1, Refresh Body Premium Denim Inc., DKNY, Skybar, Vintage Vines, and Pottery Barn Kids.

In recent years, you could see a few children in their office visiting parents who work there. “Shadow’s policy is simple: Bring in the children!” says Lisette Sand-Freedman, co-owner. “As a parent, I understand you can’t plan for everything, so having an accepting, kid-friendly policy allows our [employees] to not stress when something in life unexpectedly comes up.” And being a PR Agency, they’ve been known to get some work out of the visiting children.

“The Shadow kids also make for gorgeous models for all the brands in our children’s division,” said Sand-Freedman. PR agencies can be 24/7, especially the nightlife ones, so concessions allowing employees, and partners to spend time with their children when the need arises makes it easier to keep good employees on board.

Syndicate Media Group - Ny Nightlife PRSyndicate Media Group. The Syndicate (as they call themselves) is located in Weehawken, on the Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel across the Hudson River from Midtown Manhattan. They opened their doors in 1998. Most of their efforts are focused on lifestyle, music, and comedy PR campaigns. Their work has allowed them to connect creatives with corporations for a synergistic outcome.

The Syndicate actively seeks nationwide reps to distribute promotional information for concerts, and other events wherever clients are performing. They have represented recording artists such as Maroon 5, Kings of Leon, the Killers, and Pearl Jam.

They have also worked with dozens of comedians like Lewis Black, Reggie Watts, Dane Cook, Amy Schumer, and Jim Gaffigan. And they even represented the hit TV show, Workaholics.

Corporations benefiting from their expertise and connections to performing talent include Comedy Central, Columbia Records, Isaora, Taco Bell, Stillhouse Moonshine, MTV, and Oxygen.

They own The Laugh Network, Synner Nation, Metal Insider, and The Laugh Button. The Syndicate builds relationships with thousands of media outlets including commercial and college radio stations, and hundreds of marketing representatives in the entertainment industry.

These relationships allow them to represent their clients better, but also keeps them front and center where new talent and ideas are happening.

Laforce and Stevens - New York Nightlife

Laforce and Stevens. L&S takes pride in reaching the right audience in the right way and does so by connecting their client brands with celebrities, social influencers, sports figures, models, and artists. They also provide the full PR menu of services for their clients.

One of their big efforts is focused on New York Fashion Week where they represent several clients. At the August 2015 Fashion Week, they had more than one campaign for Target as well as ones for O’2nd, Angelys Balek, and NYDJ. Just before fashion week they also got to have some fun with women introducing Fiera for Her.

James Laforce and Leslie Stevens cofounded their New York City public relations firm more than 20 years ago. The firm represents fashion, beauty, spirits, wine, top destination luxury hotels, and food, and a few more lifestyle companies.

They bring their celebrity clients matching them with corporate clients adding visibility to both sides of the equation.

Some additional brands they represent are Swarovski, Omega Watches, Zynga, Victorinox Swiss Army, LinkedIn, Grand Hyatt, and 3M.

J Public Relations. JPR has offices in San Diego CA, and New York City and specialize in travel and hotels, nightlife and entertainment, lifestyle and wellness, and culinary efforts for their J Public Relations - New York Night Life PRclients. JPRopenlyproclaims they are specialists and have no intention of being generalists. If you want help in their areas of expertise, you’ll get skilled artisans. And for them, it’s all about promoting the good life. Because they are specialists, they also know exactly what is happening in the industries they represent and can use that understanding to keep clients at the forward edge of innovation.

So, who do they do all that specialty work for?

Well, in the nightlife arena, clients include Flower Hill Promenade, The Sparkle Bar, RMD Group, Sidebar, Fluxx, Lantern’s Keep, and Block 16 Hospitality.

And for their travel and hotel efforts – look for luxury at the locations they represent. These include The Ritz-Carlton (various locations), Paresa (Thailand), Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, The Palms Turks and Caicos, and the Resort at Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas.

But they are always adding something new, recently they added LumaRX to their fashion and beauty client roster.

If you are looking for an event to attend, or someone to make sure your event gets amazing participation enhancing marketing, and branding efforts, the four firms listed above are a great place to start.

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