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Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble is working to expand Future Friendly, a conservation project that the company handles. The organization was originally unveiled at the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative and blends brands such as Tide, Duracell and PUR to help advise consumers as to what they can do to conserve our natural resources.

“With Future Friendly, we’re trying to educate ‘mainstream’ consumers on how to conserve natural resources in their homes,” said Melanie Healey, P&G Group President, North America. “These consumers don’t want any perceived trade-offs in performance and price. Instead, they want to purchase the brands they already know and trust and understand how using these products, and adopting other simple behavior changes within their homes, can help them lower their impact on the environment.”

The company is focusing on educating consumers on how to use Procter & Gamble products to save on water, gas and electricity. The main campaign launches March 29, 2010. It will include social media promotion, as well as consumer involvement, the best way to ensure that people will pay attention to the campaign.

“Conserving natural resources for future generations is a shared responsibility and a critical component of our purpose-driven focus on touching and improving the lives of our consumers,” Healey said. “Consumers use our products billions of times every day. Future Friendly will help us turn these moments into opportunities to save environmental resources; help consumers get even more value out of the same products they know and trust; and, open new doors for innovative products and solutions that improve their lives.”

The PR firms who work with Proctor-Gamble includes Marina Maher Communications, MSLGroup and Taylor Communications.

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