PRWeb Launches New Features Enhancing Social Sharing and SEO

PRWebPRWeb, Vocus’ online press release distribution service, is releasing new features and enhancement this month to help businesses get more people to read their news. PRWeb is already very popular for its web-friendly and effective online distribution service and aims to strengthen visibility and reach for businesses using them to publish their news releases.

Social sharing is a big part of the April revamp of their service. Their new sharing features will make it extremely easy for both publishers and readers to share press releases on the most popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Their enhanced social aspect will also make it easier for those reading a news item to connect with the brands authoring them via social networks where they are active.

For those with a stronger interest in business community visibility, PRWeb will also launch a new distribution package that will allow press releases published using the service to reach leading business sites including Yahoo! Finance or Bloomberg. Businesses that target a certain area will also find it easier to reach local markets. PRWeb’s partnership with Hearst and other top dogs in the media world grant them access to more than 200 local media sites that have been added to their existing distribution network.

Better search engine visibility is another goal PRWeb’s enhanced service is targeting. They aim for a generally better SEO performance for the press releases they host and thus prepared several updates that help new items perform better and at a greater speed.

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