Krupp Kommunications Chosen by Empowered Media

Krupp Kommunications NY

Krupp Kommunications NY

Empowered Media, LLC, has selected Krupp Kommunications, Inc. as their new agency of record, to handle their public relations. Krupp Kommunications or K2, will be working with Empowered Media to construct and execute a marketing strategy, along with managing public relations and working on brand messaging.

“Jillian and I decided to work with Krupp Kommunications based on their history, experience and forward thinking strategies to assist in the expansion and visibility of the Jillian Michaels brand,” said Giancarlo Chersich, CEO of Empowered Media, LLC.

“Heidi Krupp and her team have the ability to present the brand with integrity and understand how to communicate Jillian’s message to her audience.”

Empowered Media was founded in 2008. Using the total life solution platform developed by Jillian Michaels, the company works as life architects, helping people empower themselves and find better lives. Jillian Michaels has appeared on the Biggest Loser and is a published author, as well.

“As an agency that prides itself on working with clients who are committed to improving lives and the world around us, the work that Jillian Michaels does embodies the qualities that we value most at K2,” said Heidi Krupp-Lisiten, K2 CEO and founder. “Her devotion to her work and dedication to helping the public achieve their maximum potential is what we’re most excited to share with the world.”

Krupp Kommunications has plenty of experience in producing brands for the lifestyle, publishing and entertainment industries.

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