The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport is seeking a full-service marketing and communications firm to provide marketing, branding, and communication services, including: comprehensive and strategic long-term planning; graphic artwork; media purchases; marketing campaign development; website creation/innovation services; social media  creation/innovation  services; and other electronic advertising. The chosen firm will assist the Airport in  the design, development, production of materials, and the release of such work to support the Airport’s comprehensive marketing, advertising and public relations programs. Check out the hotels in Wilkes-Barre.

Scope of Work:

The desired consultant must have the most up-to-date computer and  graphic design software capabilities in order to effectively interface with a variety of local, regional and national print, electronic, multimedia organizations, and printing vendors. An in-depth knowledge of project estimating, budgeting, scheduling, and media buying is essential.

The responsibilities/tasks of the Marketing & Communications Consultant may include the following:

  • Marketing Campaign Development – The Airport desires to have the selected firm assist the Airport with developing a full marketing campaign to continue to help reimage the Airport in the local community and distant communities. This should include an assessment of the Airport’s  current needs and desires, as well as idea generation based on the consultant’s experience with other successful campaigns and development of key messages. The consultant should also provide relevant consumer data for selected regions. This task may also include working with local/regional businesses to develop collaborative marketing programs.
  • Creative Input and Graphic Design – Assist the Airport in developing the appropriate marketing mix and translating key messages into effective visual interpretations for various internal and external audiences. Projects may include, but are not limited to:
  • strategic  marketing plans
  • brochures
  • newsletters
  • print advertisements
  •  direct mail
  • electronic mail campaigns
  •  special event announcements
  • social media initiatives
  • general image design
  • radio/television advertisements
  • Art Direction, Project Management and Administration – The selected consultant will provide “turnkey” graphic design and printing services. It will  be the chosen consultant’s responsibility to deliver  high  quality  electronic files or printed materials, whichever is required, on time and within the established budget. The consultant shall coordinate all aspects of radio/television advertising, providing scripts and storyboards, as needed.
  • Media Purchases – The selected firm will be required to assist the Airport, when needed, with purchasing chosen media advertising, utilizing the firm’s greater purchasing power in order to obtain the best available rates.
  • Public Relations/Communications Programs – The selected firm will be required to assist the Airport, when needed, with any type of public relations/communications the Airport requires.
  • Social Media Creation/Innovation Services – The selected firm should be experienced in the social media field and will be required to make recommendations regarding how the Airport can improve its social media presence and image, taking into consideration a limited staff with limited time to attend to social media concerns.

Due Date:

April 16, 2018




AVOCA, PA 18641

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