Public Involvement and Educational Outreach Campaign RFP Issued

Henry County is soliciting quotes to provide outreach and civic engagements needed to support key initiatives. Public Involvement and Educational Outreach Campaign for Henry County, including but not limited to TSPLOST referendum. Successful vendor shall develop and implement a comprehensive plan within the budget and timeline which allows for modifications as needed with respect to the county’s timeline and budget to: Assess the public’s priorities for transportation improvements within Henry County, with (Public Involvement) and educate the public on T-SPLOST transportation program as well as educate the public on previous programs (Education Outreach). Successful vendor shall reach out and engage stakeholders and diverse populations within each district in collaboration with the Henry County Board of Commissioners to ascertain their constituents’ preferences.


Henry County was created on May 15, 1821 by an act of the General Assembly (Ga. Laws 1821 Extra. Session, p. 3). Dooly, Houston, Monroe, Fayette, and Henry County were created in that order by the Georgia Land Lottery Act of 1821, which was enacted at a special session of the General Assembly four months after the Creek Indians ceded lands between the Ocmulgee and Flint rivers on Jan. 8, 1821 in the first Treaty of Indian Springs. Henry County was organized by an act of the legislature approved Dec. 24, 1821 (Ga. Laws 1821, p. 44). Later, portions of Henry County were used to create the following counties: Newton (1821), DeKalb (1822), Butts (1825), Spalding (1851), Clayton (1858), and Rockdale (1870).

Georgia’s 52nd county was named for American Revolutionary patriot Patrick Henry, who is probably best remembered for impassioned “Give me liberty or give me death!” speech.

Scope of Work:

This quote will consist of two sections. First being a Public Involvement Component which shall consist of:

• Engaging key stakeholder groups

• Conducting community intercepts and

• Creating and/or update an online survey

The second component: Educational Outreach to create awareness among Henry County citizens which shall consist of:

• Creating a unifying campaign theme complete with logo and tag line • Developing various digital and print collateral materials including but not limited to a project website, FAQs, fact sheets 

• Conducting Community Open House Events – minimum six (6). One in conjunction with each Commissioner districts and one with the Chair of the Board of Commissioners at a location of their choice. 

• Creating and managing an online presence for Henry County via social media and advertising on various platforms and the Henry County local newspapers.

• Developing a creative concept for Educational Video

• Conducting a minimum of three community intercepts, and

• Engaging key stakeholder groups.

Successful vendor shall host a kick-off session to discuss the campaign requirements with County Officials or designees of Henry County to develop a comprehensive plan and formalize the project schedule. Period of Performance: Public Involvement Component is projected to run approximately five weeks and the Education Outreach component for approximately twenty weeks or until the November 3rd election concludes. A written report summarizing public involvement efforts and citizens input shall be provided at the conclusion of the mutually agreed public input period and a comprehensive report at the conclusion of the education campaign. Successful vendor will present before the Board of Commissioners and T-SPLOST Committee upon conclusion of each component.

General Insurance requirements shall be applicable to the Contractor. Evidence of Insurance must be provided to the Purchasing Department, 140 Henry Parkway, McDonough GA 30253 within five days of award of this contract. The certificate holder is to be issued to: Henry County Board of Commissioners, Henry County GA.

Due Date:

3:00 PM (local time) Wednesday, June 24, 2020



6027 FAX: (770)-288-6047

Relevant agencies worth considering for this assignment include Zeno group and Finn Partners.

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