Top PR Professionals and Their Alter Egos?

Kathy Bloomgarden and Carly SimonOver the last few weeks we have had talks with some of the world’s leading industry personalities. In light of the fact that many of our most influential decision makers are brilliant in any number of respects, some actually bear a striking resemblance to other celebs. This begs the question; “Is success and excellence a genetic trait, a cosmic principle?” Let’s take a look at some evidence, shall we?

Kathy Bloomgarden (upper left), CEO of Ruder Finn, called us from their offices in Switzerland for our interview. Cheerful, kind, super intelligent, the lady who took over her Father David Finn’s company, is every bit a sharp at strategy and craft as she is fun to talk with. You can tell a lot too, by any leader’s staff, and there too Ruder Finn excels above a multitude.

When Martha Lichtensteiger, Kathy’s assistant there on East 57th Street in New York sent me Kathy’s images, the striking resemblance to Carly Simon struck me immediately. Add some waves, eye-shadow, and photographic backdrop and Voila! Anyone would expect Kathy to voice out her rendition of “You’re So Vain” or “Anticipation” right there in the board room. Here likeness to the famed singing star, was in fact my inspiration for cloning our other world shakers.

Ronn Torrossian and Ralph Fiennes Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, author of the bestseller For Immediate Release, has been described as a dynamo, a mercurial communicator, hard nosed, but never has he been associated with Red Dragon star Ralph Fiennes.

Just why he has not, as you can see in the image comparison at right, is as miraculous as Torossian’s successes. One has to wonder if there is a Dr. Lecter there in Manhattan someplace? Is the secret of 5WPR Ronn Dragon?

Melissa Waggener and Bette MidlerMelissa Waggener Zorkin is without a doubt one of the most influential and communicative leaders in America. Our talk with her earlier this year was actually an inspiration for a lot of young PR and communication peeps. We got many emails and tweets about the discussion, her insights, and the best digital agency for a great many companies. Melissa, for those who are not aware, is also a superb human being, a lady, the best compliment I can pay to anyone actually.

And. Not unlike Bet Midler, whom you will note she has an uncanny resemblence to, Melissa’s company, Waggener Edstrom, can belt those PR tunes out there with the best of them. The irony here is so thick one could cut is with Ronn Torossian’s uh hum, Ralph Fiennes’ knife in Red Dragon. Song bird medodic, and fog horn volumetric, Bette Midler – Meslissa Waggener? You see the parallel?

Andy Getsey and Ozzy OsbourneAtomic PR was and is as innovative a company as ever existed. At the dawn of what was known as Web 2.0, Atomic, its creator Andy Getsey and his staff, paved new territory in communicating new ideas and a bold new frontier we all now thrive upon. It’s not that Andy personally inflated the digital frenzy, no, he would never lay claim to such – just like Black Sabbath perhaps, Andy and Co. became sort of one with the movement. In the case of Ozzy Ozbourne – heavy metal was the breaking genre. For his look alike, Andy Getsey, digital PR was and is the name of the game.

Andy, in case you do not know, is a bit of a perfectionist. So I hope my mashup bears no flaw, but there is clearly an uncanny resemblance there. Other similarities may exist too, I can see Andy writing a PR campaign out to match Masters of Reality, can’t you other PR peeps? In any case, Andy Getsey and Ozzy Osbourne represent another case for celebrity looking like celebrity.

Michael Kempner and Gene HackmanMichael Kempner is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever conversed with. Razor sharp – without being edgy, tuned in to the situation – a  superb listener, and aside honed professionalism, capability – a reciprocating guy anyone would be proud to call friend. Sort of like anyone watching a Gene Hackman film might envision that actor.

Here again, is there some cosmic link to physical appearence? A genetic chromosomal link between excellence and excellence? As you can see by the comparative image at left, Hackman could pass for the CEO of MWW PR Group, or vice versa. Heck, maybe Gene will play the title role in Michael’s upcoming “The East Rutherford Connection?”  I can hear you chuckling Michael. :)

If you think I was kidding about genetic markers for successful people, intellect, things we sometimes write off as coincidence – think again. A growing body of evidence suggest a lot we see as common circumstance is actually more planned that we might think. A study in Scientific American shows a bit of this. Remember the aforementioned Sagan’s Cosmic Connection? Anyway, you see the interesting possibilities.

Does this mean Andy Getsey will soon bite the head off of a canary? Will Ronn Torossian cruise your PR neighborhood? These, and more answers are still to come. And, if you are a famous business type, not made a subject here? Your time may come. Have a good Wednesday morning, now back to work.

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