Top PR Events in Chicago

Top PR Events in Chicago
Top PR Events in Chicago

A big part of building any brand is determining how to present your products, services and holdings to the world; the side of your business that you show to customers past, present and future can be the difference between profit and success and utter failure.

From the bare beginnings of a public relations plan to a reconfiguring of an existing brand and its meaning, being sure that you have the best possible tools and knowledge is a must in order to ensure success. If growing your skillset in the name of being a true public relations expert is a necessity for your business, here are five Chicago-based PR events to check out:

1. PRSA Public Relations Accreditation Courses

The Public Relations Society of Chicago is the city’s first stop for public relations professionals looking to achieve internationally recognized accreditation. With accessible locations and low course fees, the PRSA Chicago public relations accreditation courses will prepare newcomers to the field for the role they will fulfill with all classes taking place in a fun, informative and interactive environment.

The comprehensive examination taken by students following the course is the last step to true accreditation and an exciting new career in public relations!

2. Social Media Strategy Summit Chicago

Hosted by the Global Strategic Management Institute, SMSS Chicago promises to be a premiere gathering of public relations and marketing professionals from across the country! Featuring a gathering of specialists from the fields of social media marketing, corporate public relations and brand building, SMSS offers those in the Chicago area the opportunity to learn from the best that their field has to offer on a wide variety of subjects.

Offering two days of workshops, keynote speeches and networking opportunities, attendees will leave this conference with renewed inspiration and additional skills aimed at helping them to better succeed with their PR efforts in their chosen field!

3. AEJMC Chicago Media Management and Economics Paper Call

Presenting attendees with a unique opportunity to be recognized for their ideas and positions relating to public relations, best practices in media management and public interest topics, this event hosted by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication will serve as a competition of papers submitted to the group with each involved person and firm being given the opportunity to present and discuss their ideas before being judged on their merits by a select panel of industry professionals.

4. Women’s Dream Conference

Professional women in the Chicago area on April 13 are invited to attend the Women’s Dream Conference, a gathering of women in the fields of online business, blogging, social media marketing, public relations and other related occupations. Focusing on recharging existing brands and moving small businesses forward via the proper development of marketing and PR plans, this event will help attendees to learn not only how to extend their business, but how to best use their existing businesses as a jumping-off point for the launch of new endeavors.

Hosted by well-known blogger Andrea Metcalf, the Women’s Dream Conference aims to have you leave with renewed vigor for your business, opening new doors and presenting new opportunities for the future!

5. Medical Device Public Relations and Corporate Communications Conference

Chicago medical and healthcare professionals are invited to attend this conference covering all aspects of public relations and corporate communications in the interest of putting forth a fresh and likable face to the world! The medical profession is an industry that has seen, and will continue to see, great change and fluctuation in the way it handles the services it renders and the people it serves; this event promises to give medical PR professionals the latest tools and insight in order to allow them to better create and deliver positive messages and a trusted brand.

Traveling Info (in Case You Are Going)

If your work sees you interacting with the medical niche in any form, this conference holds a unique value and should not be missed!

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