The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals for design professional print-ready (marks and bleeds) and digital items, including but not limited to magazines, brochures, fliers, billboards, social media ads, web banners/sliders, etc.

The “Services” consist of, and the successful graphic design firm shall provide, the following:

a) Conceptualize, design, and deliver graphic-design material that may include brochures, fact sheets, invitations, billboards, magazines, email templates, infographics, advertisements, flyers, email newsletter templates, social media and website graphics and various other graphic and visual projects, as needed by the city. Must also be able to create templates and conceptual collateral for use in Adobe Creative products (InDesign, Photoshop, etc) as well as MS Word.

b) The graphic designer shall have the capacity to provide up to 60 hours of services per month. If needed services exceeds 60 hours for two consecutive months, contract may be renegotiated. When placing a bid, vendors should know that the estimated budget is based on a flat monthly rate as opposed to an hourly rate, as the monthly projects will vary in size and number based upon events, promotions, etc, needed to support the demands of the city.

c) At times the scope of work will need to be performed with limited notification. Further, certain projects will need to be completed without lead time and will have a narrow window for flexibility in delivering the final product.

d) All design, materials, and concepts provided in the performance of the Services shall be suitable for printing by a separate contractor.

e) Upon acceptance of each design or concept, the City will retain all intellectual property rights.

f) The estimated cost of any stock photography used to complete a project should be included in the vendor’s quote. All graphics must adhere to the city’s Branding Style Guide (attached).

Due Date:

February 22


Debra Harris Purchasing Clerk Email: Phone: 252-972-1227

Relevant agencies to consider include Hunter PR and Finn Partners.

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