“Recycle Right” Marketing RFP Issued

“Recycle Right” Marketing RFP Issued

The City of Lincoln Public Works and Utilities Department, Solid Waste Management Division is seeking a marketing and branding firm for their “Recycle Right” campaign.

The Solid Waste Management Division is committed to providing responsible management of all solid waste generated within its service area for the protection of health, safety and welfare of the public and environment in a cost effective manner.


  1. Target audience for recycling public education campaign.
    • Current residential subscribers to curbside recycling services offered by private collectors.
    • Current users of the City-sponsored recycling drop-off sites.
  2. Recycling public education campaign objectives:
    • Reduce contamination in residential curbside recycling carts and at the recycling drop-off sites.
    • Increase understanding of what is acceptable and not acceptable to recycle with curbside recyclers and at the recycling drop-off sites.
  3. Metrics as measured by the City
  4. Design and prepare a 4-5 month “recycle right” public education campaign plan to reach target audiences
    • Plan shall identify all outreach tools/resources/partnerships that will be utilized in the plan
    • Develop necessary outreach strategies to reach the target audiences and achieve campaign objectives (e.g. electronic public service announcements/videos, printed advertising, direct mail, door hangers, billboards, social media, etc.).
    • Develop the necessary graphics and custom brand for the educational campaign.
    • Identify schedule for implementing various elements of the educational campaign
    • Coordinate plan implementation.
  5. Three main educational elements related to the “Recycle Right” theme including:
    • “Know your hauler guidelines for recycling.”
    • Plastic sacks can “gum up” recycling sorting equipment causing problems for the material recovery facility.
    • Recycling options if curbside collector does not accept glass bottles and jars.
    • This listing may be adjusted based on contractors research and education plan design.
  6. Prepare all radio and video scripts related to the public education campaign and work with the City of Lincoln Citizen Information Center in producing the public service announcements.
  7. Schedule and secure all public service announcement advertisements with electronic and print media, as needed.
    • Verify that all advertisements and print media scheduled is provided.
  8. Coordinate with the Citizen Information Center and Solid Waste Management Division any press conferences, press releases, advertising buys, social media elements and any website updates related to the education campaign.
    • All elements of the campaign are subject to approval by the Solid Waste Management Division and the Citizen Information Center.

Proposal due by February 1, 2017 to:

Bob Walla
City of Lincoln Purchasing 440 S. 8th Street, Suite 200
Lincoln, NE 68508

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