Refreshing spa marketing tactics

Safety and sanitation have always been essential in the wellness industry, and with the pandemic, some measures of sanitation will not be enough to assure returning customers. On the one hand, there needs to be additional hygiene and cleanliness standards. On the other hand, customers will need reassurance and transparency.  Due to the debilitating effects of long Covid such as burnout, as well as WFH related health problems, people are investing in programs that address health and wellbeing issues. Given below are some marketing strategies for spas and wellness clinics.

1) Personalization – For the current wave of wellness-seeking clients, there’s enormous value added in personalization that addresses individual tastes and needs. The key to boosting response rate is to develop a relationship with customers. To develop a relationship, it is important to get personal. Let customers know that they are what makes the business special. While writing copy for email, it would be useful to incorporate personal client stories. Instead of sending a generic message to the entire mailing list, it would be better to segment offers sent out based on purchase history. For instance, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Toronto, the popular signature My Blend facial includes a detailed, personal consultation beforehand resulting in the creation of a blend formulated to work best for the guest’s skin type and age as well as their evolving individual needs.

2) Guest-friendly website – Some spas have confusing websites which are riddled with unnecessary information. Most of the time, visitors just need to find operating hours, look up prices, or book an appointment. Hence the website homepage of spas and wellness clinics should focus on these core elements, and put extra details on other pages.

3) Share videos – These days, visual storytelling forms an important part of marketing. Video is more effective in producing conversions than  other types of content. Video marketing works especially well for spas. To give a brand some life and soul, videos showcasing clients enjoying a relaxing spa treatment, or explaining the latest massage techniques, can be used.

4) Scent marketing – Incorporating scent into a spa’s marketing plan is a relatively new strategy, but it can be effective for enhancing the client experience. Spa owners can use ambient scenting or diffuse a pleasant aroma in a space to create a pleasant atmosphere. The idea is to use a unique scent that  leaves an imprint on the customer’s mind. If a certain scent is used all the time in a spa or  wellness clinic, customers will always be reminded of that scent when they see the brand. Eucalyptus, lavender, and citrus are popular choices for such scents.

5) Text message marketing – The high engagement rates it produces is an advantage of text message marketing. Texts can be sent about special offers and promotions. They can also be sent as appointment reminders and booking confirmations. They can also be used to share skincare tips and tricks, or to promote refer-a-friend programs.

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