There’s a line in “Searchin’,” the 1957 hit song by the Coasters that boomers know so well, “Searchin’ every which a-way” that seems so appropriate in today’s all-important SEO world.  Proper search engine optimization is the key to organic success for websites, and what every marketer is constantly longing for.


Omnichannel is the most critical factor in any company’s efforts for SEO success.  All departments must work together and be focused in the same direction, so any existing silos need to be removed and brought together. This also applies to all messaging and marketing, as everything that goes out must be consistent.  These are the five SEO factors that are critical to success.


“On the very same day that I ordered an Ipad 2, I went shopping to buy myself a letter opener. I  like to cover all my bases,” said American journalist and author Susan Orlean.

With SEO, the same is true.  Companies need to constantly ensure that their company websites are operating efficiently with no server errors or damaged images.  This is critical in normal situations as well as for implementing modifications and improvements.


Similarly, scrutinize all web page changes to confirm that the company site is appearing as high as possible on searches.  Particular attention must be given to header tags and titles to ensure they are kept current.  Marketers should assign certain staff members to periodically visit sites to make sure relevant results are being delivered.  Another option would be to rotate this duty, so everyone has the opportunity to improve their skills.


“What’s a snippet?,” asked Bianca, one of two little girls in Sarah Brazytis’ book “Our Christmas Bear.”   This is quite unlike the structured data programmers who like to leverage to get their site into the top positions on search engine results.  SEO best practices and on-page optimization are important to being number one in searches as well as appearing in snippets.

The SERP (search engine results page) and snippets can play a major role in being found because potential customers often land there instead of on a website.  Marketers who work with their programmers in maximizing both their websites and SERP can achieve maximum results.


Canadian YouTuber and comedian/actress Lilly Singh said “everyone finds their voice at different times in life,” but for marketers, voice search is here now and is getting bigger by the day. Voice search is more popular today than desktop searches.

One of the most important things programmers and marketers need to do is be more concise and briefer on their websites.  With voice search, there’s no luxury in long-winded answers.  Long-tail keyword phrases won’t be effective in phone searches.  Here, too, is the value of snippets.


Good content, utilizing all of the above, will help drive more traffic to a company’s website and generate leads as well as business.  It’s even more important today that customers be taken to the information they’re seeking because they know they have other options.

Just as critical, and as discussed in an earlier article, is the removal of silos between all the departments involved in the process of driving more visitors and business and the need to communicate openly and regularly.

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