Vladimir Putin is a Marketing Genius

Vladimir Putin earlier this week - The KremlinThe status of Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s genius is always up for debate and this is especially true in the States. The post-Soviet president is bold and ambitious – and tremendously savvy.

Vladimir Putin’s a genius on positioning and marketing himself. The President’s image is as important to him as it is for any political leader. Though most of the messages embellished by the politician are a bit off the mark for Northern Americans, the people of Russia are ecstatic about how this ex-KGB agent portrays himself.

By comparison, the Facebook page of American President, Barack Obama and that of Vladimir Putin show an obvious difference in the demographic being targeted. In August 2015, Mr. Putin’s cover photo is of him swimming with his arms full spread moving forward with a breast stroke.

He obviously has fair health accommodated by good strength for a 62-year-old Russian male—whose life expectancy is in the low to mid-fifties. He also wasn’t swimming in a pool in the picture where anyone can leave a comment. President Barack Obama, on the other hand, has conservative images throughout his Facebook profile, while his cover photo portrays him amongst a crowd as he holds an on-looker’s hand.

The people of Russia love their President’s sense of masculinity so much, a Pop group even wrote a song about it. You can find “One Like Putin,” written by the techno duo, Singing Together on Youtube and other online media outlets. But, wooing his mass of citizens is a small task for this political expert.

Putin is also a genius at keeping people—and the world at large—waiting and anticipating what he’ll do in national and international affairs. We think Putin is a genius in marketing himself and is aided by the Kremlin’s supreme abilities in propaganda. According to Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War,” all war is based on deception.

Putin in terms of image is doing a lot right.

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