How to Clear Embarrassing Images from Google?

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Though everyone should pay attention to their online image – including messages, photos etc. – there seem to be moments when a photo could harm one’s reputation. Reputation Changer launched a tool that helps people have their embarrassing or unflattering images suppressed within the Google Image Search database.

“An image is powerful in conveying certain attitudes and preconceptions,” Zammuto says. “Just look at Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars. She won the trophy for Best Actress, but the next morning the Web was plastered with photos of her tripping on her way to the stage. And that’s just one of many celebrity examples that come to mind; anything from a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ to hacked cell phone photos can make their way into the public eye and do real reputational damage,” explained Michael Zammuto, the company’s President.

He also added that image management is not only for celebrities, and that anyone can use this tool if harming or humiliating pictures from previous periods surface on the Web. From embarrassing photos in college to mug shots, they all can do harm to one’s image and, using the tool provided by Reputation Changer, these pictures can be suppressed from the Google Image Search database.

“At Reputation Changer, we have proprietary technology that we employ to repopulate Google Image Search with positive, brand-enhancing images,” also said Zammuto. “The offending image is pushed out of the way — buried beneath all of the positive images, populated by Reputation Changer. Individuals can keep embarrassing images outside the view of potential employers, business associates, colleges admissions counselors, their parents or their kids,” says Zammuto. “Companies, meanwhile, can exercise greater control over their visual branding.”

This tool is definitely useful for many people and companies that want to hide various images. There is however a debate, on how far should people and companies go in using it? Considering that suppressing an image from Google search is not deleting it from the Web, how useful is this tool in the end? Any thoughts?

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