Hennepin Technical College is requesting proposals to assist in advertising campaign development and management services.


Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (Minnesota State) is the third-largest system of higher education in the United States. It is comprised of 37 state colleges and universities with 54 campuses located in 47 Minnesota communities. The System serves approximately 350,000 students each year. The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities is an independent state entity that is governed by a 15-member Board of Trustees. The law creating the system was passed by the Minnesota Legislature in 1991 and went into effect July 1, 1995. The law merged the state’s community colleges, technical colleges and state universities into one system, other than the University of Minnesota campuses. For more information about Minnesota State, please view its website at Founded in 1972, Hennepin Technical College is the largest stand-alone technical college in Minnesota. With campuses in Brooklyn Park and Eden Prairie, the college has a diverse student population and offers degree and non-degree courses in over forty-five (45) programs. Hennepin Technical College is a member of Minnesota State, which includes 30 colleges and seven (7) state universities. For more information about Hennepin Technical College, including At-A-Glance, visit

Scope of Work:

Hennepin Technical College is requesting proposals to assist in developing advertising strategies, ad buying and monitoring, and overall project management to stimulate enrollment growth and promoting the college’s brand. In keeping with Hennepin Technical College’s evolving mission and vision, advertising campaigns developed and managed by the vendor Hennepin Technical College selects must raise awareness within, and generate applications and enrollment from the diverse racial and ethnic communities and non-traditional students Hennepin Technical College serves. This Request for Proposal (RFP) outlines basic requirements for the services to be provided. Hennepin Technical College is the client and makes no guarantee as to the number and size of advertising campaigns or related projects that may be awarded to any successful proposer under this RFP. Hennepin Technical College may elect to use in-house services and resources, including staff and students, for all or part of any project. Hennepin Technical College’s Marketing and Communications Department will be the vendor’s point of contact throughout the contract and will partner with Hennepin Technical College’s Enrollment Services Department to coordinate the professional services required of the vendor. The term for the agreement will be one (1) year with an option to renew for four (4) additional one-year terms if mutually agreed upon by Hennepin Technical College and the vendor. Professional Services Sought: Hennepin Technical College seeks a vendor who is experienced in providing deliverables with digital/video advertising space on television and multiple networks allowing customization to meet Hennepin Technical College’s specific needs. Hennepin Technical College also seeks to select and collaborate with a long-term agency/firm partner to provide a 365-day advertising strategy that seamlessly

incorporates stable, ongoing brand-building messages with calls to action that may be tailored by term, program, population, etc. Hennepin Technical College aspires to be more broadly recognized not only for affordability, but also for the excellence of faculty, programs and job placement and the palpable sense of community that exist along with the deep institutional commitment to welcoming and supporting all students that distinguish the college from other two-year technical colleges. Hennepin Technical College seeks a vendor who will build on and reflect the opportunities and challenges described above in serving as our long-term partner to develop, create, manage, and evaluate strategic, year-round digital/video advertising with campaigns to increase student enrollment and retention. Services to be provided by the vendor include but are not limited to:

• Conducting effective, ongoing discovery processes to understand Hennepin Technical College’s evolving mission, vision, and values; academic programs and student services; culture; value proposition; and evolving strategic enrollment plan.

• Conducting primary and secondary research as needed to gain actionable insights into target audiences, competitive environment, and other relevant topics.

• Developing an annual digital/video advertising plan and campaigns, including recommendations for key messages, vehicles and platforms, and budget allocations to drive enrollment by each well-defined, priority audience segment. In addition to digital, online media platform search engine optimization and tactics are included in the plan/campaigns,

• Copywriting, graphic design, art direction, and other creative services needed to implement advertising plans. (See “In-House Resources” below for information about Hennepin Technical College’s marketing team and the creative services they may contribute.)

• Monitoring, evaluating, and providing timely and accurate information to Hennepin Technical College on ad/campaign performance, and making timely changes to ad placement to strengthen performance as needed.

Due Date:

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 10:00 a.m. CT


Relevant agencies to consider include Burson Marsteller and MWWPR.

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