NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Lake Park Community Redevelopment Agency and Town of Lake Park, Florida (hereinafter referred to as the (CRA/Town)) are accepting proposals from qualified and experienced proposers to provide public relations and marketing services including the creation of a targeted marketing plan, agency branding, graphic design, public media and relations, social media, digital marketing, website production and management.


The Lake Park Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and the Town of Lake Park (Town) are soliciting proposals from qualified and experienced proposers to provide public relations and marketing services.

The types of public relations and marketing services (Types of Services) includes, but is not limited to:

1. Marketing Plan Development and Implementation

2. Agency Branding

3. Community Engagement Strategy

4. Graphic Design

5. Public and Media Relations

6. Social Media

7. Digital Marketing

8. Website Production and Management

The CRA/Town intend to award one or more contract(s) to provide public relations and marketing services on an as needed basis. The CRA/Town may enter into a contract(s) with a proposer(s) to provide one or more Type of Service.

It is important the CRA/Town contract with reliable and qualified Proposers. The CRA/Town will check references to help determine the most desirable Proposer(s). The CRA/Town does not select a Proposer solely on cost but will consider all factors. Cost must be calculated to accurately reflect the complete charges for each type of work.




The Town of Lake Park was one of Florida’s first master planned communities. The Town has a population of just over 9,000 and has experienced many ups and downs over the years, but has a great deal of history and culture. The Lake Park CRA was adopted in 1996 as a proactive approach to boost economic development in the town. The Lake Park CRA works in collaboration with residents, property owners, businesses, developers and other community organizations to foster redevelopment within the CRA district. A majority of the Lake Park CRA can be characterized as a typical suburban industrial and commercial development with the exception of Park Avenue, which serves as the Town’s “Main Street.” Park Avenue is home to a mix of uses, which includes unique retail and restaurant establishments. There is a small residential component to downtown, which the CRA would like to enhance and increase. Some of the CRA’s priorities include public safety, beautification, streetscape infrastructure improvements, economic development, affordable housing, business attraction and retention initiatives. In 2022, the CRA adopted an update to the CRA Master Plan. This RFQ serves as implementation of that adopted plan to further the CRA’s redevelopment goals.

The following is a map showing the boundaries of the Lake Park CRA. The CRA encompasses mainly mixed use and commercial uses which includes the core downtown area on Park Avenue an industrial district off of Dixie Hwy and other commercial businesses along 10th Avenue.


Proposer shall provide all supervision, labor, services, training, equipment, tools, materials and supplies necessary to provide services as described in this RFQ. Proposer shall comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations. Services may include some or all of the following tasks to be provided via work order.


Marketing Plan Development

• Familiarize contents of the 2022 CRA Master Plan and create an implementable multiyear marketing plan for the CRA which meet the goals of the 2022 CRA Master Plan.

• Create a Marketing Plan with a regional marketing focus on engaging the local region outside of the Town.

• Work with CRA Administrator to create a plan to meet current and future budgets.


• Detailed Marketing Plan for the CRA, including a target market analysis, messaging, promotional strategies and recommended materials and methods of communication.


Agency Branding

• Evaluate the current agency branding and propose enhancements to better reflect the mission and goals of the Lake Park CRA.

• Work with CRA Staff to develop and execute a cohesive branding strategy for the individual CRA districts and the CRA itself.

• Each branding strategy should create an identity for the assigned District that both embraces the past and future of the community or organization.

• Develop any necessary branding elements such as logos, branding colors, slogans, etc.

• Develop branding guidelines to ensure consistency across all communications and materials.


Marketing Plan Implementation 

Community Engagement Strategy and Communications

• Work with CRA Administrator and Staff to develop and effective and creative business and community engagement strategy.

• Work with CRA Staff to create a cohesive content strategy for the CRA district businesses and the CRA as an organization that can easily be presented across all applicable platforms such as social media, e-newsletters and the CRA Website.

• Identify potential partnership opportunities with local organizations and associations to further promote the CRA Marketing Plan and encourage businesses to participate.

• Work with CRA and Town Staff to create a monthly schedule for all posts and content that goes hand in hand with CRA project deadlines, events, promotions, etc.

• Build current trends into the content strategy to keep content relevant and engaging.

Graphic Design:

Work with CRA Staff on various project needs pertaining to graphic design, including but not limited to the following:

o Logos

o Rack Cards

o Postcards

o Posters

o Project Boards

o Banner Designs

o Yard Sign Design

o Graphics

o CRA Annual Report

Public and Media Relations

• Develop and execute a media strategy to communicate initiatives, projects and events.

• Serve as liaison for local, regional, national and international public relations requests.

• Pitch stories, projects, and initiatives to local, regional and national outlets; seek out and schedule interviews with event spokesperson, entertainers, vendors, etc.

• Develop, maintain relationships, and create mutually beneficial cross promotions.

• Develop strategies whereby the CRA and its partners can produce events and activities that further develop the districts as a top location for public-private partnerships.

• Develop a concept for creative press conferences and media events and execute planning and implementation.

• Cultivate relationships with journalists and media professionals to secure positive coverage of agency initiatives and events

• Work with photographer and videographer for events/activities.

o Secure good promotional shots of the event/activity.

o Develop a shot list, outline, and/or timeline for photographer/videographer.

o Prepare photos and video clips for follow up with media.

• Send all media clips to CRA staff for timely posts on the CRA managed websites and various communication channels.

• Be on site of CRA events to handle all media requests.

• Maintain PR report including all media releases and advisories, media clips with associated media value and tabulation of total media value obtained, log of television and radio appearances or shots arranged and any other pertinent information. To be provided in monthly reports due on the last day of each month.

• Write and disseminate press releases, articles, advertorials, and op-ed pieces leading to press coverage.

• Attend Town Commission, CRA Board, and staff meetings as requested.

Social Media

The Selected applicant will report to the CRA Administrator on a weekly basis to ensure proficiency and continuity in messaging and content.

• Manage the development of social media content that embraces the individual identity of the District. A strong emphasis will be placed on developing ongoing social media campaign ideas to promote the CRA, effectively inform social media audiences of CRA programs and redevelopment projects and elevate the public’s perception of the Lake Park CRA.

• Assist Town Staff with the management CRA social platforms on the following sites:

o Facebook

o X

o Instagram

o LinkedIn

• Identify need for and assist in establishing social media accounts for the CRA as necessary.

• Develop social media content and campaigns in support of the CRA, redevelopment initiatives and public meetings and events.

• Strengthen the CRA’s relationship with its current digital community and develop strategies to grow the CRA’s social following while maintaining high levels of engagement.

• Work with Town marketing team on editorial calendar throughout the year.

• Monitor ongoing social and cultural conversation to identify and implement “real time” opportunities to amplify the CRA’s voice.

• Utilize social listening tools to understand current conversations about the CRA and how the CRA can create new social opportunities.

• Report monthly analytics for each social media platform (i.e. top performing posts, follower growth and other KPIs).

• Attend monthly meetings with the CRA team to review the past month’s strategy successes and failures, plans for the upcoming month and analytics for each social media platform.

Digital Marketing

• Create content that pairs well with applicable branding efforts and campaigns.

• Seek out and manage digital marketing opportunities for the individual CRA districts on an as needed basis.

• Improve Search Engine Optimization for the individual CRA districts and CRA projects.

• Utilize digital marketing platforms that fit the appropriate target audience for the desired district.

• Utilize paid social media advertisements to promote various CRA projects, events and promotions.

• Provide monthly reports to CRA Marketing staff on digital marketing efforts and analytics.

Website Production and Management

• Work with CRA Administrator to develop content for the CRA Website.

• Provide necessary updates to the CRA Website to the Town’s Marketing team.

• Communicate with CRA Administrator to keep business directory up to date via a regularly updated business inventory by CRA staff.

• Utilize current photos on the district, branding colors and logos.

• Monitor website to make sure all aspects of the site are functional.

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