The Best Restaurant PR Campaigns Ever

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Business owners and PR professional in Consumer PR, are constantly planning for new ways to attract customers. Recently, we found some successful, fun, helpful, altruistic, and fun PR campaigns undertaken in the restaurant PR world..

Harney SushiHarney Sushi.

Ever wanted to give sushi a try but don’t know anyone who is an aficionado to help you decide? Well, Harney Sushi in California came up with a great PR campaign.

They created “edible” QR codes so customers can scan the code with their smartphone and get information about the ingredients and prep for the dish.

It also includes where the ingredients came from so there will be no surprises.

Metro St. James

Metro St. James.

This is a French café in Australia. In keeping with the concept of Paris being the city of love, Metro recently ran a highly successful PR campaign. They offered a free cup of coffee to people who came in and exchanged a kiss.

It may seem a bit schmaltzy, but it managed to attract global attention and was written up in various well-known publications including the Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan.

Conflict KitchenConflict Kitchen.

This restaurant is in Philadelphia. They have an interesting approach to food. They only offer items on their menu from countries or regions where the U.S. refuses to do business.

They choose one country and base all their meals, restaurant atmosphere, and decoration around that country. Every couple of months they change the country and transform not only the menu, but the restaurant too.

Their aim is to get people thinking and talking about what is happening in other places and maybe even what could be done to make the world a better place.

McDonald’s in SpainMcDonald’s in Spain.

Apparently the free Wi-Fi in the McDonald’s was a big draw, but not for McDonald’s. It seems many customers were eating at the diner across the street and making use of McD’s free Wi-Fi.

Deciding they wanted to get some benefit for the service they offered, McDonald’s began running coupons through their Wi-Fi network for the diner’s customers to begin making their way across the street.It worked brilliantly for them.

Have you picked up any ideas for your business? It doesn’t even have to be a restaurant. Is there a service you could provide to easily entice your customers without giving them a feeling of risk? Or, maybe there’s something you can do to get people thinking about events around the world.

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