RFP Focused Communications for COVID-19 Prevention Among Young People


Public Health – Seattle & King County (Public Health) is soliciting requests for proposals (RFP) for an individual, an organization, or multiple organizations who can develop and implement a COVID-19 prevention campaign aimed at a diverse audience of young people in King County. This work is part of Public Health’s emergency response to the coronavirus pandemic. Campaign work will occur from October to December, 2020.


Young people currently have the highest rate of COVID-19 cases among all age groups in King County. Preventive behaviors such as social distancing, mask-wearing and seeking testing can limit the spread of COVID-19. In interviews conducted by the City of Seattle’s Innovation and Performance team, young adults indicated that while they thought they were very compliant with behavioral guidelines, they are also unsure how to interpret guidelines and would prefer “how-to” instructions for behaviors. They reported that current prevention communication feels irrelevant to them because it does not reflect living situations such as housing with multiple roommates and the messages do not come from trusted messengers. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic intersects with broader inequities in King County to disproportionately impact young people of color, who may be less likely to receive relevant communications due to inequities in how information is shared. This RFP is to engage with young people age 15-30 to create communications messages, creative assets and dissemination plans that respond to the needs identified by a diverse audience of young adults to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

Scope of Work:

The full body of work under this award will encompass outreach and engagement, campaign strategy, dissemination, and project management of a COVID-19 prevention campaign for young people. Applicants do not have to apply to fulfill the whole scope (see “D Applicant Types” below). 

Scope of work: 

1. Outreach and engagement: Engage young people (aged 15-30) most impacted by COVID-19 to identify effective messaging, co-develop materials and strategy, and provide oversight to the prevention campaign. This may include outreach and recruitment with co-awardees to this application and/or with youth messengers and partner organizations currently engaged by King County. Engagement and outreach activities and could include facilitation of listening sessions, trainings, review sessions, and other activities to co-develop a campaign; utilization of social listening tools to understand trends in COVID-19 information among young people; and administration of stipends and subcontracts for collaborating young people and organizations.

2. Campaign development and strategy: Based on engagement and outreach input and collaboration, co-develop and implement a strategy to reach young people most impacted by COVID-19. This may include assessing existing assets/campaigns; identifying key channels, influencers and creative opportunities to reach young people; co-developing messages and creative assets to support young people in making safer choices to prevent the spread of COVID19; and working with Public Health to conduct an equity assessment to prioritize reach and mitigate potential harm. 2 

3. Campaign implementation and dissemination: Utilizing the input from young people, implement and disseminate the campaign assets through identified channels and strategies. This may include dissemination via organic social media; translation and transcreation; partnering to disseminate the campaign through young people-serving organizations; placing ads and managing paid opportunities to increase reach; and identifying and managing creative opportunities to engage audiences such as live Q&As.

4. Project management: Coordinate overarching campaign development from outreach and engagement to campaign implementation and dissemination, assess the impact of the campaign in driving conversation and engagement, manage any paid media buys, and provide support to ensure progress toward campaign deliverables. 

Due Date:

5:00 PM on Wednesay, October 7th, 2020


Allen Cantara, Contract Specialist Public Health – Seattle & King County 401 5th Avenue, Suite 1300 Seattle, Washington 98104 CPRES-ODIR@kingcounty.gov

Relevant agencies to consider include Zeno group and Alison Brod PR.

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