RFP for Liquor Social Media Services Issued

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The LDB is seeking Proponents that can plan, manage, create, execute and measure advertising and LDB-owned social media channels. These channels are with respect to the design of a comprehensive annual social media plan along with ad-hoc social media and digital advertising.

Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the Province of British Columbia, as represented by the General Manager of the Liquor Distribution Branch is one of the largest distributors and retailers of beverage alcohol in Canada, generating $1.107 billion (2019/20) in net income on annual sales of $3.8 billion. The LDB operates a province-wide, retail/wholesale beverage alcohol business, within a mixed public private model, and a province-wide, retail/wholesale non-medical cannabis business, within a mixed public-private model.

Scope of Work:

The Contractor will:

a) provide strategic advice and counsel to LDB staff on all aspects of the LDB’s

social media strategy development and planning;

b) brainstorm, write briefs and execute LBD’s internal social media channel

strategies, ideas, contests, and partnerships to achieve the LDB’s social media

and business objectives;

c) liaise and plan with LDB’s internal creative team, marketing team, external

partners and other creative agencies to maximize campaign effectiveness;

d) exercise confidentiality and discretion in performance of the requirements of the


e) create, place and traffic all social media advertising and other related forms as

requested (e.g. digital advertising, multicultural advertising);

f) create, plan and place all social media content (e.g. including posts, stories,

videos, etc.) using marketing platforms and channels that are approved by the


g) provide reporting, evaluation, and recommendations for social media


h) create, plan and place multicultural digital and social media ads and content,

inclusive of translation services;

i) plan, coordinate, hire talent and participate in on location photo shoots and video

shoots for digital advertising, traditional advertising and other marketing

activities (not only social media);

j) provide recommendations and advice on managing negative and/or offensive

comments on social media platforms;

k) source, create and write briefs for LDB approval to plan and execute social

media influencer contests and campaigns;

l) with guidance by the internal LDB team, monitor and submit responses to user

comments on LDB social media channels as required; and

Social Media Planning, Content and Other

The Contractor will deliver innovative social media planning strategies. as

requested by the LDB, including but not limited to, the following:

(i) providing strategic advice and counsel to the LDB on social media trends,

consumer trends, multicultural marketing trends and opportunities for

social media and other mediums that align with the LDB’s marketing goals

and objectives;

(ii) proactively recommending current and new technologies and innovative

solutions in social media and other related mediums to continuously

improve operations throughout the Agreement;

(iii) providing a minimum of one strategic information session per quarter on

social media trends and techniques for key LDB employees;

(iv) working collaboratively to create and recommend an annual social media

strategy with a plan and presentation by a defined date by LDB (prior to

the start of LDB’s fiscal year) based on business background and

objectives from the LDB. Working with the LDB to refine the strategy as

needed to form the basis of the year’s social media plan, and produce all

supporting materials as required;

(v) provide insights into the strategy behind social media strategic sourcing

and selection for advertising campaigns, including rationale for specific

media-placement recommendations, and written documentation when


Due Date: 2:00 PM Pacific Time on August 19, 2021


Calvin Tam, Sourcing & Vendor Performance via email at svp.solicitations@bcldb.com

3383 Gilmore Way, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada V5G 4S1

Relevant agencies to consider for this assignment include Hunter PR and Zeno Group.

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