Rubenstein Public Relations: $38K to Politicians

Rubenstein Public RelationsWhen we look at the changing environments of PR, we find large sums of resources, manpower, and money going into various industries. These industries then receive an array of messages regarding the publicity of day to day events or prominent issues. One such industry or sector is politics. Senators Kirsten E. Gillibrand and Edward J. Markey each received campaign contributions in excess of $100,000 for the year of 2014 from the PR industry.

Collected data shows huge financial commitment from eclectic investors flooding the political scene with agendas. The heavy hitting lobbyists involved knew exactly how to close a deal and earn their livelihood.

Harry Reid, Cory A. Booker and Claire McCaskill each received over $60,000 for the same fiscal cycle. Politics was a hot affair for 2014, and a few PR specialists fetched a fair deal for their client’s reputation. Total contributions for advertising or PR giving to Federal candidates, parties, and outside groups is at $4,495,640. Civic Services Inc ranked in the number one spot for the highest total contribution made to political matters in 2014.

Omnicom Group put in a total of $126,869, which is just shy of Civic Services Inc’s $224,600 total contributions. The complete breakdown for election cycle 2014 had more than four million collected with the top twenty contributors shoveling no less than $42,864. Democrats received more than Republicans and individuals trumped the amount of soft money passing through the guise of simple hands shakes.

You can take a glance at RPR Public Relations’ profile for the 2014 election cycle. Rubenstein Public Relations total contributions to parties were $38,000; $33,282 went to candidates, and $0 was given to outside spending groups. Try searching for yourselves to find an agency or candidate you’re interested in learning more about their 2014 election year cycle.

You can find similar information about Rubinstein Association, who peaked at $43,664 in total contributions for 2014. Public Relations is a competitive profession and now you have the statistics to prove it.

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