Ruder Finn Hires Gina Kelly From Disney

Gina Kelly Today Ruder Finn, Inc. announced their having appointed Gina Kelly (left) as Director of Talent and People Experience. Kelly joins Ruder Finn from The Walt Disney Company bringing a vast experience in leadership development, employee recruitment and training, and employee relations to the leading PR firm.

According to the news, Kelly is to spearhead Ruder Finn’s employee engagement, performance management, recruitment and training services, while enhancing the Ruder Finn employee experience as well. Kelly is to report directly to CEO Ruder Finn, Kathy Bloomgarden. Gina had this to offer Everything PR News:

 “I’m thrilled to join Ruder Finn, an agency that has had such dynamic growth, produces innovative work for multinational brands and is truly global in the way it operates. As an independent agency centered on creativity and challenging employees to drive what’s next, my priorities are to recruit the unique stars of the industry to contribute to the exciting work that Ruder Finn does, and to focus the HR department on employee experience, building upon the agency’s strong culture concentrated on pushing the creative boundaries on behalf of our clients.”

Bloomgarden, in discussing her firm’s creative culture, went on to reveal the prime motivation for hiring the former Disney exec; Gina Kelly’s expertise in employee relations and talent development will allow us to evolve our HR department to have a stronger focus on the employee experience.” RF has always been immersed its own brand of competitive challenge culture, one which encourages stretching creative boundaries. Hiring Disney’s guru of talent management at ABC, sends an expansion signal in the PR space from Ruder Finn.

Earlier this month Ruder Finn announced having expanded with RFI Studios China and RFI Studios West, illustrating the agency’s commitment to offering localized expertise and authentic digital content for their clientele worldwide. Bloomgarden’s firm has offices in New York, San Francisco, London, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Guangzhou and India.

For more information on this appointment or other RF news, please contact: Rachel Zabinski at 212-583-2737


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