Serial entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, Ryan Brucato, was born to help companies grow. Capital markets appealed to him starting at a very young age. In fact, Mr. Brucato started trading stock when he was 12 years old through a Schwab custodial account that his father helped him set up. As an adult, he has been responsible for starting numerous private ventures throughout his career and has advised hundreds of public and private companies globally.

RB Milestone Group LLC

bRyan Bucato and RB Milestone

In 2009, Mr. Brucato founded RB Milestone Group LLC (“RBMG”). A boutique management consulting firm that is based in the United States, with offices in Stamford and NYC. Mr. Brucato currently serves as an Advisory Board member for the firm. RBMG assists small and venture-stage companies with enhancing corporate strategy, business development, market intelligence, and research. RBMG partners with clients internationally and across a wide range of industry segments, including cannabis, cleantech, consumer goods, healthcare, mining, professional services, renewable energy, and technology. Staff specialists have diverse sector knowledge centered on capital markets.

EMBR Capital LLC

Ryan Brucato and EMBR Capital

In 2012, Ryan Brucato founded what is now EMBR Capital LLC (“EMBR”), a single-member family office and venture capital fund based in Greenwich, CT, USA. EMBR partners with exceptional founders and management teams with unique insights, through all phases of growth. Mr. Brucato has a passion for international business and aligns much of EMBR’s fund allocations with entrepreneurs and management teams that echo the same mindset. Since 2017, EMBR has completed over 80 investments into over 50 companies that operate on 6 continents. EMBR has directed much of its investments into companies focused on cannabis; diversified natural resources; healthcare; renewable energy; technology and telecommunications. EMBR is also dedicated to funding socially and environmentally impactful businesses worldwide.

The Personal Tidbits

Ryan Brucato resides in Greenwich, CT with his wife and two sons. He enjoys spending time with family, regularly attending local CrossFit classes, participating in triathlons and skiing.

The Beginnings

It seemed that Ryan Brucato was destined for entrepreneurship practically from the time he was a child. He seemed to eat and sleep business early on. At 23 years old, the idea of forming RB Milestone Group literally came to him in a dream. From that dream, Mr. Brucato built what is now a full-scale management consulting firm in its 11th year of business.

The second dream that took hold of Ryan Brucato was his vision to start EMBR Capital. Today, most of his time is spent managing this fund. Like other long funds, EMBR nets returns through value appreciation of its underlying assets over time.

Becoming a Success

It did not take long for RB Milestone Group to realize growth following its 2009 inception. In just four months from launching, RBMG turned a profit. Mr. Brucato has acknowledged that RBMG barely held any overhead costs at the outset which was an important factor when reaching profitability so expeditiously in the beginning.  Mr. Brucato focused on keeping RBMG’s business expenses down while growing sales. He is often quoted saying “how do I spend $0 without jeopardizing high-quality output”. Mr. Brucato often credits RBMG’s long-term residual growth to its strong staff and their ability to under-promise and over-deliver for clients.

Failure Is Only a Remote Possibility

According to Ryan Brucato, failure was not in the vocabulary when he was first starting out. Over the years, Mr. Brucato still maintains a similar mindset with a slight deviation towards a more forensic risk assessment. Having been exposed to numerous cycles throughout his career, nowadays, Mr. Brucato respects the fact that nobody is impervious to a loss or significant downturn. As such, he takes more time to make large fundamental decisions than the younger version of himself.

Where the Challenges Lie

As far as EMBR Capital goes, Mr. Brucato’s exposure to the cannabis space over the last 12+ months has been very challenging to manage. Cannabis has undergone a very notable downturn, which has resulted in long-term strategy reconfigurations for most of EMBR’s cannabis positions. Mr. Brucato believes that ideas are in abundance and that they surface naturally throughout the day as challenges are presented. However, some ideas are much better than others. Therefore, he believes the key is applying a holistic assessment of the opportunities at hand to gauge the most favorable outcomes. Then, when a decision is made, it needs to be implemented rigorously. He believes ideas that come to life are driven by confidence. Mr. Brucato is very excited to see how his Cannabis portfolio’s reconfigurations will pan out.

Business Profile of Ryan Brucato
Ryan Brucato

The Future for Ryan Brucato

Mr. Brucato looks forward to the prospect of growing new businesses and expanding EMBR’s portfolio in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

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