Saline County Kansas is seeking to update its website to enhance the user experience, simplify content management, and provide improved citizen-centric information and customer service to its community, while meeting high standards for design quality and visual appeal. Saline County would like to decentralize content management by empowering our staff to easily create and manage website content in each County department under the oversight of the Saline County Web Master. Saline County seeks the assistance of an experienced company that can accomplish all the functionality identified in this RFP. Saline County also seeks a company that has the capability of integrating additional features and functionality that may be identified in the future. The experienced company should have a team of experts who understand local government, to help us achieve our vision – all while providing 24/7/365 support.

Saline County is seeking to enter into a professional services agreement with a qualified vendor to design and implement a new website based on the above strategy. The County’s website URL is currently Saline County’s emphasis is on incorporating extensive content management tools and database driven architecture while providing a user-friendly and intuitive site structure and an interface that is both attractive and ADA compliant. Saline County would like a vendor to provide hosting services for the website in a secure data center.


Saline County is located at the confluence of Interstate I135 and Interstate I70 in central Kansas. Salina Kansas is the County seat. The population of Saline County is approximately 55,691 citizens. The County is 721 square Miles. Saline County has approximately 500 employees. Our current website is

Scope of Work:

Format for Proposal Saline County will evaluate vendor experience, qualifications and capabilities for developing and implementing a new Saline County website. The response should be formatted to address all items outlined below. Responders are required to submit a written narrative addressing each of the underlined section items including section bullets:

Executive Summary – 2 page maximum 

· Overview of how your company will approach the project for Saline County

· Statement that website will meet Accessibility Compliance requirements

· Statement of guaranteed uptime Company Profile

· Company overview and history

o How long has the company been in business 

o Number of current employees 

o Where are support and development staff based?

· Company Vision and Future Plans Key Personnel

· Name, title, role 

· Education, years of experience

One source vendors are preferred. 

If utilizing subcontractors for any portion of the project including engineering, design or support, provide key personnel and company information. Local Government Website Experience

· Public Sector/Municipal References (minimum of five, including information below) o Client name

o Website URL 

o Client contact person and title 

o Phone 

o Email address Description of Features and Functionality Included with the CMS (Content Management Software) At minimum:

· Detail availability of all features and functionality listed in Required Features and Optional Features sections of this RFP Project Development Approach

· Typical timeline/schedule

· Detailed explanation of all project phases including consultation, design, development, content migration, training, implementation

· Training options

· What role Saline County will play in the project

Scope of Work 

· Project phase deliverables

· What will be expected of Saline County

· What Saline County can expect from the vendor

Hosting and Security Minimum Requirements – Discuss in detail

· 99.671% uptime (outside of scheduled maintenance) guaranteed by Service Level Agreement to be supplied upon request

· Data Center

o Minimum Tier I rated data center, managed network infrastructure, on-site power backup and generators, redundant network preferred, 24/7/365 system monitoring

· Hosting

o Automated software updates and security patches, redundant firewall solutions, high performance SAN with minimum of N+1 reliability

· Bandwidth

o Multiple network providers, burst bandwidth of at least 22Gb/s

· Disaster Recovery

o 24/7 emergency support, online status monitor, event notification emails, recovery time objective no greater than eight hours, recovery point objective no greater than 24 hours, preemptive monitoring, geographically redundant backup 

· DDoS Mitigation

· Availability of multiple security options

Due Date:

Monday May 3rd, 2021 0400 CST


Contact Name: Nancy Bassett & Hannah Stambaugh Contact Title: Saline County Purchasing E-mail: &

Relevant agencies to consider include Prosek Partners and Finn Partners.

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