Sandy Springs Issues Communications RFP

Sandy Springs Issues Communications RFP

To hire a contractor deemed fit to fulfill the necessary communications services described below for the City of Sandy Springs.


Incorporated in 2005, the City of Sandy Springs is home to more than 105,000 residents and is corporate home to a robust business community. Sandy Springs is located in Atlanta’s dynamic metro north, less than an hour from the world’s busiest airport. It is the second largest city in the Atlanta metropolitan area, including a world-class medical center; Fortune 500 corporate headquarters; national river corridor; award-winning parks; and green neighborhoods. The City utilizes an innovative public-private partnership (“PPP”) model for operations and strives to sustain and further the attractive quality of life enjoyed by its residents. The PPP model provides a flexible and creative approach to anticipate and respond to the needs of the community. Aside from public safety (police and fire) and the City Manager’s executive staff, general municipal services are provided by contractors working collaboratively with the City to provide a high level of services for Sandy Springs residents. This customer-focused mission has resulted in numerous awards and recognition for the City including Top Ten Towns to Live In (; Top Ten City for Millennials (Niche); and Most Customer-Friendly Town in America (Yelp). The success of this PPP model in Sandy Springs continues to attract national and international attention.

Scope of Work:

The Contractor is expected to provide all services deemed necessary and essential by a municipal government for City operations as described in this SOW. The expected services to be performed shall include, but are not limited to, the following general and specific work requirements.

For all WBS elements described in this SOW, Contractor shall:

1) Provide services under the direction of the City official designated to ensure that requirements are effectively and efficiently performed. Such services shall encompass all those duties and functions reasonably and customarily associated with the delivery of the required services in accordance with local, state and federal laws including, but not limited to, the City Charter, City ordinances and laws of the United States and the State of Georgia.

2) Furnish to and maintain for the benefit of the City all labor, supervision, and equipment not otherwise provided which are necessary and proper for the purpose of performing the services, duties and responsibilities set forth and contemplated hereunder and as necessary to maintain the required level of service.

3) For each task order awarded pursuant to the Contract, the Contractor shall designate to the City Manager an individual with decision-making authority for the Contractor. Such individual shall act as a single point of contact for the Contractor and be available by telephone or in person at the request of the City Manager on an as-needed basis.

4) Develop, implement, maintain and improve strategies to attract and retain highly-qualified employees in the appropriate number to comply with the requirements hereunder and to fill vacancies in staffing promptly.

5) Devise, recommend and employ technology and process improvements to maximize efficiencies while maintaining reliable capabilities.

6) Establish and maintain team-oriented working relationships with the City, City employees, and other City contractors and work cooperatively to ensure and maintain the effective delivery of services to the City.

7) Work cooperatively with the City, City employees, and other City contractors to maximize performance in a budget-constrained setting.

8) Work cooperatively with the City, City employees and other City contractors to ensure financial and accounting requirements are clearly communicated, understood, and satisfied for all City operations.

9) Maintain and account for all information, equipment, and property which may be provided by the City for the Contractor’s use during the period of performance.

10) Comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations in the performance of its duties and responsibilities hereunder.

11) Comply with all OSHA and other applicable federal and state statutes, regulations and standards for workplace safety and all applicable laws regarding hazardous materials and maintain all required Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheets (MSDA) forms on site in the City.

12) Comply with all local, state and federal documentation retention requirements including, but not limited to, the City’s document retention schedules, as adopted and amended by City Council.

13) Communicate with the Mayor, City Council, and media services only through the City Manager, or designee, unless otherwise authorized.

14) Maintain, for purposes of City business, business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and provide appropriate staff to perform any after hour requirements hereunder, with the exception of City holidays.

15) Provide the City with a primary contact who shall be available to the City in person or by telephone on a twenty-four (24) hour basis, seven (7) days per week.

16) Use the address of Sandy Springs City Hall for all City-related matters, including both incoming and outgoing mail.

17) Prepare and submit the deliverables required hereunder, as defined in the Contract Data  Requirements (Deliverables) descriptions set forth below.



In connection with all WBS elements within Communications, the Contractor shall:

  1. a) Provide all services deemed necessary and essential by a municipal government for the operation of a Communications Department.
  2. b) Provide services under the direction of the City Manager or designee.
  3. c) Provide a Communications Liaison, approved by the City, to work with the Communications Director as necessary and proper to ensure services, duties, and responsibilities set forth and contemplated by all WBS elements within                                                                                 Communications.
  4. d) Provide communications training to all City staff to ensure a consistent message, provide accurate information to citizens, and support the City’s overall communications program.


                  Community Relations

The Contractor shall provide the following services:

  1. a) Provide information, with timely updates, and maintain continuous dialog and communication with City residents and citizen groups including, but not limited to, homeowners associations and businesses.
  2. b) Promote City policy, programs and achievements by preparing and distributing information via print, electronic and other media.
  3. c) Serve as liaison with residents, civic groups, and other governments, as directed by the City Manager or designee; provided, however, that all contacts, communications, and activities shall include the disclosure that the Contractor does not have the authority to commit or bind the City without the approval of  the City Manager or the Mayor and City Council.
  4. d) Document important City events for with photography and videography as necessary for future use in City-developed publications.
  5. e) Assist staff, elected officials and City management with the coordination and advertising of town hall meetings and with the development and implementation of presentations.
  6. f) Provide weekly traffic update through Sandy Springs Alerts notification system.


                Media and General Communications

The Contractor shall provide the following services:

  1. a) Assist City staff and other City departments on communications with the public and media.
  2. b) Working with the Communications Director, respond to media inquiries, including appropriate research, coordination with other departments and/or experts for information, drafting of key messaging, and needed assistance in preparation for media interviews.
  3. c) Coordinate with key individuals for information to produce useful, informative, and timely news releases and/or articles for publication.
  4. d) Produce and distribute a monthly City e-newsletter as well as quarterly Economic Development and Recreation and Park’s e-newsletters and a bimonthly internal newsletter for the police department.
  5. e) Provide and manage the content of City web-based products, including public-facing websites (gov,, internal (Knowledgebase), and social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Content may include City contact information, statistics, history, departmental and facility descriptions, the City and community calendars, meeting agendas, agenda packages, minutes, City Codes, notices, pictures, and multimedia. Content should be updated as needed with time-sensitive data, such as council agendas, notices, etc kept current at all times.
  6. f) Provide regular web design and functionality updates as required to keep web products current and in keeping (or beyond) standard practices. Maintain and secure web infrastructure including, but not limited to: web servers and content management systems (WordPress, Drupal, YOURLS). Provide training and support to content creators in other City departments. Design and develop new web products as required.
  7. g) Maintain the City’s digital signage platform (Navori) and create new data feeds and templates. Provide training and support to users.
  8. h) Provide professional-grade creative photography and videography services to develop compelling imagery that supports the City’s storytelling. Coordinate photo and video shoots.
  9. i) Manage and continue developing the City’s signage design system. Design city-campus and city-wide signage. Work with vendors to maintain the system.



The Contractor shall provide the following services:

  1. a) Assist all departments with compilation, review, and editing of presentations.
  2. b) Provide strategic and tactical assistance to the Performing Arts Center related to public relations, branding and advertising.
  3. c) The concept, develop and create materials used to advertise City programs including public meetings, special events, activities at the performing arts center. These materials can include print advertising, fliers, posters, electronic displays, web advertising, and video.
  4. d) Working with City departments, concept, develop and create materials used to help promote City initiatives and activities. These materials can include brochures, fliers, videos, and information one-sheets.
  5. e) Assist City Management with the concept, development and execution of materials to highlight City accomplishments. These materials can include presentations, brochures as well as the City’s annual Year in Review.
  6. f) Work with City departments and vendors to ensure the integrity of the City and City Springs brands in all forms including visual reproduction and use as well as reputational affiliations in connection with articles, special events etc.
  7. g) Provide text, pictures, graphics, maps, and exhibits as necessary for use in City marketing materials.

Due Date:

January 31st, 2019.



City of Sandy Springs

Attn: Charise Glass, Procurement Officer

1 Galambos Way Reception Desk

Sandy Springs, Georgia 30328


Agencies that could be a fit include Zeno Group and Coyne PR.


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