Scoutzie: A Pond for Mobile Design Talent


Scoutzie, a curated community for mobile designers.

If there is one thing that should really concern you, that’s the evolution of the mobile industry, which is already changing the way people do business around the world. Mobile, and everything mobile, will hold the headlines more than anything, and as the year progresses, so will the trend. If there is one industry that has to adapt faster than most, that’s PR. In the meanwhile, the trend attracts new adopters, and gives birth to new businesses. One of them, Scoutzie, connects mobile designers with customers and vice versa.

Scoutzie is a curated community for the best mobile designers in the world. Our goal is to make finding and showcasing mobile designs easy and beautiful. Iphone, Ipad, Android and Windows, we have it all.

Like any self-respecting startup, Scoutzie does its thing behind closed doors. As a customer looking for a designer, requesting an invitation is about your only chance to get in. Designers don’t have it easier: they have to be invited by one of Scoutzie’s active members for a chance to showcase their portfolios. If it sounds like an exclusive club, at least it’s a promise for great things to come. Scoutzie aims to be a pond for the best mobile design talent, and it cannot raise to its promise unless carefully scrutinizing the designers who come in.

With a Michael Arrington Twitter endorsement up its sleeve, Scoutzie is already counting success in page views. Soon, Scoutzie will measure success in members and revenue.

Essentially free, Scoutzie does offer paid upgrades for advanced features, although it is not yet clear what type of features come with premium accounts. But the potential is there – although a very young startup, in public beta for less than 24 hours, Scoutzie already showcases a wealth of extraordinary designs, and designers from all over the world.

Toronto Star iPad App

Toronto Star iPad App on Scoutzie, just one example of good things to come.

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