Shopping Related Apps Use on the Rise in the US

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People want to simplify their lives and take advantage of what is new in order to gain time and have access to relevant information, or at least that is what recent researches reveal. Mobile commerce – mcommerce – is gaining more and more users as an April survey of US mobile internet users conducted by AYTM Market Research presented by emarketer shows.

According to this survey, 9% of the respondents use their mobile phones often to purchase products online, 27% do the same ting sometimes, while 19% rarely use their devices to buy stuff online and 45% said they never used a mobile device to shop online.

While a figure of 45% of people who say they don’t use mobile commerce could suggest to some that the mobile environment isn’t quite important for sales, we should take in consideration the fact that mobile apps usage is on the rise and also that the mobile commerce is getting a growing focus from companies too. In fact, companies are those that need to make the first step – create mobile-friendly website and apps, even in-store offers available on mobile devices and other such creative ideas – in order for people to have what to use.

Mobile devices were used by 72% of the respondents to do research and finding better deals online in the process of buying various products, with an important figure of 22% saying they did that often.

In what the type of shopping apps that are most used by people is concerned, the survey revealed that 34% used shopping apps for particular stores, 26% used local store/shopping locator apps, 25.5% used general coupon apps, 22.5% used daily deal apps and 9.5% used other shopping applications.  It seems that right now tablets are the most used mobile devices.

The mobile environment has been getting people’s attention for a while now, and mobile commerce is an important part. Companies need to engage in this environment, be creative and useful and don’t let customers wait.

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