Social Booth Expands Social Media Capabilities

brightlineBrightline Interactive will introduce the Social Booth with new social media capabilities at this year’s SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas March 15th through March 18th.

The Social Booth is a product designed for corporate events and parties. The focus of the booth can be anything from products to props and models. But unlike traditional booths, the Social Booth uses high-quality digital photos that are instantly shareable on social media outlets. The Social Booth was so far offered as Social Booth Party for large groups, and Social Booth Duo inspired by the old photo booths. The latest product of the line, Social Booth Social Center enhances the social sharing features with a mobile application usable on an iPad.

“We’re excited to expand Social Booth’s interactive experience by improving its social capacity,” said Erik Muendel, CEO and Creative Director of Brightline Interactive, in a press statement. “Users can now engage their entire social media network with the Social Booth brand by posting their customized images to Facebook and Twitter instantaneously.”

The availability for custom branding of the back drop also makes the Social Booth very popular for corporate events. The photograph can either be printed via high quality photo printer or shared directly on Facebook, Twitter and via email.

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