How To Develop A Social Media Policy


Mediabistro will organize a new webcast in their successful 20 Tips in 20 Minutes series, How To Develop A Social Media Policy for Your Company or Organization, on September 21. Targeting public relations professionals and other communications experts who need to develop a social media strategy for their clients or employers, the webinar will feature Michael Brito, VP of Social Media at Edelman Digital.

Mediabistro has chosen this webcast theme as many companies establish a social media presence without also having a policy for doing so, when they should always provide a series of guidelines for their employees who will be using social media on their behalf. Recent Deloitte data shows that 55% of executives stated their companies lack a corporate policy stipulating social networking sites conduct.

During the How To Develop A Social Media Policy for Your Company or Organization webcast, Michael Brito, whose areas of expertise include digital marketing, social media, and integrated brand marketing communications through the social web, will help you learn :

  • How to develop a comprehensive social media policy
  • How to get different departments in your company on board
  • The keys to implementing and rolling out your policy
  • Tips for those working in a heavily regulated industry, including pharma or financial services
  • The top pitfalls to avoid

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