Edelman PR & Richard Edelman: Largest PR Firm has it’s Biggest Year

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Everything PR wants to offer congratulations on the great fiscal year Edelman just closed. At a time when PR, media, and advertising are competing, completing, and merging, business can be tough. But Richard Edelman’s PR Firm – who remain fiercely independent – reported an organic growth in revenue for the fiscal year 2015 of 8.5% growth – that’s a global revenue total of $833 million.

Efforts made by Edelman elevate the PR industry, and we are proud to rub shoulders occasionally with them. As proof of the great work they are doing, they ran a highly successful campaign helping CVS to stop selling tobacco and related products.

For this effort, Edelman Public Relations won PR Week’s Healthcare Campaign for 2015. One of the judges said, “Great business decision that led to amazing PR results, a real business impact on stock value, consumer behavior, and brand reputation.” Part of the campaign focused on changing the name of CVS to CVS Health, and they also pledged to help smokers quit.

Edelman says they want a stronger presence in the large tech firms, but they already do all right for themselves representing firms like Microsoft and Samsung.

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We also want to mention their amazing showing as finalists in the Platinum PR Awards. The luncheon for this event is scheduled for October 26 in New York City. But, if our count is right, Edelman is listed as a finalist 19 times in 17 categories. These various awards represent work with CVS, Neiman Marcus, 100 Lives, Edge Dream Jobs, Barilla, Starbucks, the Atlanta Hawks, AXE, Bear Naked, Johnson and Johnson, Arby’s, Heineken, and Activision.

Some of the categories include philanthropic efforts too. Barilla’s campaign for Share the Table 2014, the Atlanta Hawks’ Play if Forward Against Racism, Starbucks Hispanic Community Program (Caramel Flan Latte), and #GivingTuesday – the Day the World Gave Back are great examples and campaigns for making the world a better place.

Last year also saw many leadership changes in the company, including a new U.S. CEO, Russell Dubner and leadership of Edelman’s largest office being transitioned to Jennifer Cohan. They saw some significant changes in their sector leads as well.

Edelman is the largest PR firm in the world, and they have more than 5,000 employees in 65 cities. They also have affiliates in another 35 cities. Their PR presence is worldwide. Thanks again Edelman for the outstanding work you are doing.

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