Social Media RFP Issued By California Earthquake Authority (CEA)

Social Media RFP Issued By California Earthquake Authority (CEA)

The California Earthquake Authority (CEA) is seeking to contract with a vendor to provide an integrated social media software solution that will allow CEA’s Communications and Mitigation teams to monitor real-time social media conversations; plan and implement social media strategies; and create and schedule social-media programming and content across a variety of social media platforms and accounts.


The California Earthquake Authority (CEA) is a publicly managed, privately funded, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide residential earthquake insurance and encourage Californians to reduce their risk of earthquake damage and loss through effective risk education, damage mitigation, and insurance protection. The CEA offers earthquake insurance policies through its participating residential insurance providers.

The CEA Organizational and Departmental Structure is as follows:

                • Executive Office

                • Communications & External Affairs

                • Finance and Insurance

                • Information Technology

                • Internal Operations

                • Legal & Compliance

                • Mitigation & Research

Additional information and a list of participating insurers is available at:

B. How CEA Was Formed; Governance

Following the unprecedented losses from the 1994 Northridge earthquake, many insurance companies either ceased or severely restricted the sale of new homeowner earthquake insurance policies in California. In response, the California Legislature created the CEA to provide earthquake coverage throughout California. CEA began writing residential earthquake insurance effective December 1, 1996.

Overseeing the CEA is a Governing Board composed of the Governor, State Treasurer, and Insurance Commissioner as voting members; the Speaker of the Assembly and President Pro- Tempore of the Senate serve as non-voting members. The Advisory Panel consists of consumer and insurance-industry representatives who advise the Governing Board.

C. What CEA Offers

Most residential insurance policies do not cover earthquake damage; a separate policy is required. Without earthquake insurance to help cover the costs of repairs and other expenses that come with catastrophic earthquake damage, homeowners must pay out of pocket to fix or rebuild their house, replace their personal property, and live and eat elsewhere.


The CEA has issued this RFP in order to contract with a social media software provider for an integrated solution to monitor real-time social media conversations; plan and implement social media strategies; and create and schedule social-media programming and content across a variety of social media platforms and accounts.

The CEA and the successful proposer will develop more specific criteria to target for the evaluation.

Scope of Work:


CEA currently uses a patchwork of limited social media software solutions for most of its social media needs, including scheduling posts across all social networks and attempting to identify trends, analytics reporting and tracking sentiment.

CEA is issuing this Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit proposals for a more robust, integrated social media software solution that, ideally, will include the following:

  • Integrated Social Platform
  • Authenticates all owned social media accounts across all networks
  • User workflow and permissions
  • Training and Customer Support
  • Complete platform training
  • Customer support that goes beyond the onboarding period
  • Scheduled trainings for software updates
  • On-demand platform learning resources
  • Robust Security Features
  • Provide location of where the application is hosted
  • AD integration preferred for single sign-on capability
  • Ability to use AD security groups for permissions
  • Data encryption at rest and in transit required
  • Multi-stage approval workflows for publishing
  • Logging and Retention preferred
  • Logging of activity and user
  • Logging events
  • Ability to apply legal hold
  • Ability to set retention periods
  • Content Management
  • Scheduling tools
  • Image editing for network size requirements
  • Gathering User Generated Content (UGC) and request usage consent from authors
  • Ability to collect digital consent for content in the field
  • Ability to create contests and games
  • Multi-Channel Publishing
  • Ability to schedule all content formats on all social networks
  • Create targeted audiences and publish targeted content
  • Preview messages in each network
  • Stop all posts feature in the event of an emergency or crisis
  • Coordinate and track paid content
  • Built-in link shortener and tracking
  • Social Community Management
  • Monitor public and private conversations with CEA
  • Ability to label and track interactions and view customer’s interaction history with CEA
  • Measure response rate
  • Identify Trends
  • Track all social channels for certain terms, phrases, hashtags, and/or locations
  • Monitor keywords and hashtags and filter by location
  • Create alerts for trending topics or branded terms
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Customizable reports that are easy to read, can be scheduled, and easily shared
  • Identify best content, time of day to post
  • Compare message performance across all networks
  • Monitor and track sentiment, fan growth, impression data, etc.
  • API access for reporting

The ideal solution will immediately allow CEA to improve workflow and analytics reporting, while meeting its growing and changing needs. At the sole discretion of the CEA, all or part of solutions offered may be considered for further evaluation.

Due Date:

November 1, 2019


Strong agencies worth considering include Kite Hill PR and Prosek Partners.

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