Social RFP Issued By The Boston Public Health Commission

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The Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) is the local public health department for the City of Boston. BPHC’s mission is to protect, preserve, and promote the health and wellbeing of all Boston residents, particularly the most vulnerable.


Start Strong is an internationally recognized high school peer leadership program that aims to prevent teen dating violence and promote healthy relationships. We use a trauma-informed youth development framework to start conversations on systems of oppression, intersectionality, and prevention/promotion work primarily using a media literacy lens.

All of our work is youth created, driven, or inspired -which means that youth are the heart of our program. We offer several curriculums, modules, and single sessions which are developed by trained adult staff and high school Peer Leaders. Strong is most well-known for the annual Break Up Summit, The Halls webseries, the Tools & Resources it offers and its popular Porn Literacy courses. Our work is built using a theory of planned behavior and has been evaluated based on knowledge, attitude, and behavior change.

Scope of Work:

The Start Strong program is seeking a vendor who can create, implement, and systemize a social marketing strategy to promote our healthy relationship tools and resources in the activities below:

Activities: a) Co-create marketing and social media campaigns and strategies, including content ideation and implementation schedules

b) Monitor social marketing advertisements and tailor ads as needed

c) Provide guidance and recommendations on social media implementation best practices and strategies d) Support and manage the development of our online digital footprint and identify opportunities to strengthen our reach

e) Integrate a positive youth development approach and trauma-informed framework in the design and creation of our materials

f) Work in concert with Start Strong staff, high school Peer Leaders, and the Commission’s communication department

Due Date:  Monday, November 8, 2021 RFP due by 5:00 PM EST


Submit via email to Subject line – RFP For Social Marketing Consultant for the Start Strong Program

Agencies to consider include Zeno Group and MWWPR.

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