South Dakota State Government Event Number: 10099 Event ID: 24RFP24-0904006-019 Event Name: Immunization Program Health Communications & Marketing Services

DUE DATE: 3/15/2024 5PM CT

Web link: file:///C:/Users/cbettencourt/Downloads/South%20Dakota%20State%20Government_24RFP24-0904006-019_Immunization%20Program%20Health%20Communications%20&%20Marketing%20Services_03_02_2024%20(1).pdf


1.1.1 Background:

The South Dakota Department of Health Immunization Program is seeking proposals from qualified advertising agencies to continue and

expand upon the current statewide Immunization Media Campaigns: “Do You, Not the Flu,” “Don’t Wait, Vaccinate,” and “Protect Your Circle.” The program aims to enhance public education and deliver healthcare provider messages while providing information about

Immunization best practices. The Department of Health is keen on building upon the existing campaign’s success. The objective is to extend the reach and impact of these established campaigns further. The selected agencies will contribute to the ongoing efforts of the

Immunization Program by proposing innovative strategies for expanding public education initiatives and disseminating crucial healthcare provider information related to immunization practices across the state.

1.1.2 Agency Experience:

The selected Offeror is required to possess a proven track record of success in the following areas:

• Social Marketing Proficiency: The Offeror should demonstrate expertise in social marketing, specifically in effecting changes in attitudes

and opinions related to health behaviors pertinent topics.

• Advertising Excellence: The Offeror must showcase a comprehensive background in crafting impactful and effective advertising

campaigns, encompassing traditional forms such as broadcast and radio, as well as non-traditional channels, including OTT (Over-The Top) platforms.

• Digital and Social Media Expertise: The Offeror should exhibit interactive capabilities to utilize digital and social media platforms


• Client-Centric Account Services: The agency is expected to deliver exceptional client service through its account services and planning,

covering strategic planning, counsel, and project management.

• Client-Centric Account Services: The Offeror is expected to deliver exceptional client service through its account services and planning,

covering strategic planning, counsel, and project management.

• Localized Media Buying Experience: The agency must have extensive experience in media buying within the South Dakota region,

showcasing the ability to maximize the impact of limited media budgets.

• South Dakota-Specific Campaign Development: The Offeror should demonstrate the ability to develop campaigns that are specifically

tailored to resonate with South Dakota residents, showcasing an understanding of local culture, values, and nuances to create impactful and relatable messaging while also exhibiting cultural sensitivity to ensure messaging aligns with the diverse demographics within South

Dakota. Additionally, the Offeror should showcase experience in fostering community engagement through advertising campaigns,

demonstrating an understanding of the unique characteristics of South Dakota communities.

1.1.3 Goals and Objects: In pursuit of our mission, the State employs health communications and marketing interventions to address various issues. Our successful approach involves:

• Utilizing a diverse range of messages over time.

• Leveraging multiple media channels to maximize the reach and frequency of our campaigns.

• Creating impactful and high-quality creative content to break through the clutter effectively.

• Adopting an integrated approach, ensuring that all communication efforts, including paid advertising, digital and social media, and

community outreach, work harmoniously to drive changes in social norms.

• Drawing from external expertise, incorporating proven ads and strategies from other states or federal organizations to optimize budget


1.1.4 Campaign Information:

Below is background information for each of the existing campaigns:

1. “Do You, Not the Flu” Influenza Vaccination Campaign

• Created: Fall 2023

• Audiences:

o General audiences – All South Dakotans aged 6 months-99 years

o Parents

o Healthcare providers

2. “Don’t Wait, Vaccinate” Childhood Vaccination Campaign

• Created: Fall 2022

• Audiences:

o Parents

o Healthcare providers

3. “Protect Your Circle” Native America Campaign

• Created: Over five years – periodically updated

• Audiences:

o South Dakota Native Americans

o Healthcare providers

In addition to these specific groups, the program aims to reach and engage the broader South Dakota population residing within the state. This inclusive approach ensures that all South Dakotans in the state receive relevant and timely information regarding immunization, fostering a comprehensive and community-wide awareness campaign.

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