Starbucks, a Very Green Company

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It seems that on first glance Starbucks is indeed moving in line with many green initiatives. For example, they are purchasing green power and decreasing the quantity of water that they use.

Alongside this, Starbucks is on path to reach its target regarding environmental goals. Starbucks announced that it made movement toward its pledges for green building, water and energy usage. It also made gains in ethical sourcing and helping farmers decrease deforestation.

It also stated its advancement on recycling issues. The company is also committed to developing an in depth recyclable cup by 2012. It is also in the process of moving toward a front of the store recycle unit in all company owned stores, as well as serving a quarter of drinks made in store in reusable cups. Both of these aims are planned before 2015.

It should also be noted that Starbucks has initiated front of the store recycling in three hundred and ninety nine stores out of 7,529. It has also increased the use of their tumblers or server ware to 1.5 percent. They have also made steps, which show they are very serious about become even greener. For instance, they held a meeting in order to bring forth the things that need to be done to make their cups recyclable. They also launched their pilot program in New York just to test out various types of waste stream collection.

There was a recent shareholder vote that was held for the company. Their vote was held in order to discuss the package drinks that Starbucks sells in their retail stores. The forward-looking shareholders put forth a resolution that has one major objective, which is very green in nature.  With all the flack that Starbucks has received in the past, it cannot be denied that Starbucks has a very green conscience.

The resolution has the intention of trying to make Starbucks bring in significant changes in their recycling policy. Specifically, it will ensure that the company sets a figure on their recycling target for its bottled drinks. This vote got an eleven percent vote that the supporters were very happy with.

All of these considerations demonstrate how green Starbucks is as a company, and what they have put in place. They have also already been active in making progress, but they acknowledge there is still more to do.

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