Why Millennials are Behind the Wine Boom

Wine Boom

This is information every food and beverage PR rep needs to pay attention to. Millennials, according to NBC News, are drinking half the wine sold in the United States. That statistic blows the lid off the stereotype of 20-somethings as purveyors of the cheapest beer they can buy. Instead of chugging brews, Millennials are sipping vino. So move over Craft Beer Phenomenon. You are being politely elbowed out of the way by those with a nose for the fruit of the vine.

It’s a huge shift because the Millennial market is nearly 80 million legal drinkers. And the surprises don’t stop with them choosing wine over beer. Younger drinkers are not just picking up rotgut or boxed wine. They are buying more, and they are buying more of the good stuff, choosing more expensive vintages and brands at an increasing rate.

Now, as beer distributors try to figure out what went wrong, wine distributors are trying to come up with Millennial-centered advertising in order to drive brand loyalty.

Wine Boom 2

Here are some factors they could consider. In lieu of Old Country wineries, Millennials tend to prefer New World vintners from countries such as Argentina and Chile, though New Zealand and Australia also remain popular choices. Another point of consideration. While their parents enjoy sipping a fine red wine, America’s longstanding favorite, Millennials are after whites and blush varieties.

If vintners and distributors do want to hop on this untapped market, they will do well to consider the bustling trade harnessed by wine-related apps such as Drizly and VinoCellar. The former will deliver wine right to your door while the latter helps novices and even burgeoning aficionados organize their wine cellar.

One aspect of marketing to Millennials that hasn’t changed: they appreciate variety, and they are open to new experiences. Both of these factors should be considered when creating a wine-related PR campaign targeted at Millennials. Challenge them, intrigue them, and offer them a taste. You may find you have a customer for life.

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