Oreo 100th Birthday PR Debut with NASCAR

Oreo celebrates 100 years

Oreo has been milk’s favorite cookie for 100 years.

For nearly 100 years Oreo has been part of many family moments. The favorite cookie of millions will celebrate its 100th birthday March 6, and it’s pushing awareness with a PR and advertising campaign of monumental proportions – nothing else can be fit for the best selling cookie of the century.

Oreo was founded by Nabisco (a subsidiary of Kraft Foods) on March 6, 1912 in Chelsea, New York City, and it didn’t take long to make history. Although Kraft haven’t always abide by the golden rule, if it an’t broken, don’t fix it, Oreo managed to become the world’s iconic cookie in its standard design and flavor: two chocolate wafers separated by a white cream filling. There are many other varieties available around the world, including Strawberry Oreo, Green Tea Oreo, Oreo Fudgees and so on. Birthday Cake Oreos adorn shelves all over the US for the 100 years celebration, and the media campaign is afoot. Never mind that Oreo sent its limited edition Oreo Birthday Cake to a number of personalities and journalist (we haven’t received any) – this is just standard PR practice.

Nascar OREO celebration everything-pr

A special paint scheme honoring Oreo’s 100th birthday adorned the No. 33 Chevrolet at Daytona International Speedway at the kick off the 2012 NASCAR Nationwide Series race season. Tony Stewart already hosted a “Pre-Season Pre-Party” to honor Oreo’s celebration on February 22nd. And if NASCAR publicity seems big, March 6 will bring even more – after all, millions of fans are waiting for fireworks and balloons.

These are already seen by over 25 million Facebook fans who never shy to share their magic Oreo moments. On Facebook, Oreo celebrates one consumer’s birthday each day – a gracious thank you from a brand that made history.

Oreo’s strategy was to become synonymous with family quality time – and it managed even more: to become tradition for many families. If once this was America’s Favorite Cookie, now we can safely say that the world embraced it too. There are Oreo Facebook fans in 183 countries, including 40 in Vatican City – amazing statistics for a cookie. And how many cookies can be proud of having their own street in New York City? Will there be a parade on Oreo Way on March 6th? No such plans have been announced. Instead Oreo will “be finding more ways to celebrate the spirit of childhood and make special, simple moments happen for families and OREO fans around the world,” according to Sheeba Philip, Global Brand Director for Oreo.

Oreo is represented by Coyne PR.

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