Buddy Media Acquires British Facebook Ads Developer, Strikes Advertising Partnership

Buddy Media, a company that provides a social publishing software suite to enterprises, has just acquired British company Brighter Option, a developer of Facebook Ads, to add paid advertising to their offer to marketers. By integrating the newly bought Facebook Ads API developed by Brighter Option, Buddy Media will now offer their client list, which includes eight of the world’s top ten global advertisers, a unified software solution bringing social publishing, applications, analytics, commerce and paid advertising under one umbrella.

Buddy Media opted for Brighter Option after analyzing 20 potential partners offering Facebook advertising technology. They chose the British company because of their technology, a social ad management platform designed for marketers and advertiser that allows them to create, monitor, optimize and measure Facebook targeted campaigns, all in a very targeted approach. The company’s impressive results were also a factor, as their platform managed more than 92.5 billion impressions for more than 291 advertisers in 42 countries and added clients such as GroupM, Omnicom and Aegis to their roster.

“Customers want to manage more of their social and digital programs in one software suite,” said Buddy Media founder and CEO Michael Lazerow. “Through Buddy Media, marketers can more easily manage and be more effective with their social and digital programs than with other incomplete solutions on the market. Smart social content gets the conversation started, then social ads provide scale, which in turn leads to larger owned media channels. It’s a virtuous cycle of increasing returns for brands.”

At the same time with this new deal, Buddy Media also announced a deal with 24/7 Real Media, WPP’s marketing technology company. 24/7 Real Media will use the newly acquired Facebook ads platform to create and manage campaigns on the social network for their clients worldwide. Buddy Media also hinted that new such partnerships will follow shortly.

“By combining Buddy Media’s social enterprise software suite with Brighter Option’s deep audience insights and powerful advertising platform, we can bring a complete social marketing solution to the market,” added Andrew Craven, CTO and co-founder, Brighter Option. “We’re tremendously excited by the possibilities this acquisition presents us for developing powerful, complete, and easy to use software for social marketers.”

Brighter Option is the second company Buddy Media acquired in the past twelve months. The move is a strategic attempt to seize an opportunity, as social advertising is the advertising leader in what growth is concerned.

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