Alabama Issues Marketing, Advertising, and Branding RFP

DCOM hereby employs the Contractor to perform the following services in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement:

                Media Relations/Earned Media Placement:

                a. Provide continuous support of DCOM’s “Made in Alabama” brand and the related mark to an international targeted audience.

                b. Provide a plan and execute a controlled strategic rollout of messaging for DCOM’s economic development strategy across its two divisions: Business Development (Project Management, Trade, Film, Small Business) and Workforce Development (AIDT, Regional Workforce Councils, Apprenticeship Alabama, Programs & Grants, Alabama Workforce Council, Workforce Boards).

                c. Execute a brand journalism strategy to include the planning and development of online editorial features highlighting business industry, workforce, education and lifestyle in the state, maximized for searchability and designed to drive traffic to

                d. Maintain and grow a compilation of state, national and international media outlets to pitch.

                e. Develop and execute a strategy for use of appropriate social media channels.

                f. Assist DCOM efforts with event coordination, community outreach, media relations, press conference planning and press release development and distribution.

                g. Develop and professionally execute a monthly external communications plan.

                h. Provide management of brand and associated online content.

                i. Provide management of social media channels and posting of relevant news on a daily basis.

                                a9. Collaborate with the Office of the Governor to provide consistent messaging and sharing of positive news content about recruitment, retention and renewal efforts.

                                aa. Provide quarterly reports and metrics on earned and unearned media placement.

                Digital Media/Website:

                Provide continued development, design, programming, protection and maintenance of DCOM’s website, These efforts to include:

                                a. Refreshing of news content and brand journalism efforts to create a professional, strong first impression.

                                b. Provide updated “lifestyle” elements associated with living and doing business in Alabama.

                                c. Maintain and provide appropriate foreign language landing pages for international visitors in Korean, Japanese, German, French, Mandarin and Spanish.

                                d. Provide features to include business successes in Alabama, benefits of living in Alabama, industry highlights and case studies.

                                e. Maintain a media portal with high-resolution logos, graphics, photos and b-roll.

                                f. Interface with local and statewide economic development organizations to create and   enhance partnerships.

                                g. Provide monthly reports on website traffic, metrics and pointof- origin intelligence to further DCOM efforts to prospect its markets effectively. This also includes training of key personnel on the use of analytic tools for custom report application.

                                h. Maintain and update website external links, departmental information, reference pages and data points as necessary to support the website’s function as a point of reference for economic development in Alabama.

                Creative Production:

                Provide creative production of the following:

                                a. Collateral Material – for digital and print informational material to include:

                                                o Up to 6 brochures of a two-page design

                                                o PowerPoint and Keynote templates.

                                b. Maintain YouTube channel and video for DCOM. Provide video production services for up to 5 videos of durations ranging from 0:15 – 1:30 and any other videos on an à la carte basis.

                                c. Provide 3-5 updated print ad units that are versatile and can be repurposed quickly to be included in sponsorships, programs and print and digital media advertising media.

                                d. Provide two digital website button advertising segments for use in internet web-based advertising.

                Perform any other related duties as identified by the Secretary of Commerce.

Due Date:

August 2nd, 2019. 




LIZ BURGESS / 334-353-1264




Relevant agencies include Zeno Group and Edelman PR.

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