Stinky Girl Scout Cookies Make the News

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Just when you thought it was safe to gobble some Girl Scout Cookies while the kids weren’t watching. It was announced today the recall of particular Girl Scout cookies because of a strange taste and odor according to the makers, Little Brownie Bakers.

The cookie in question? Lemon chalete crèmes, which though safe to eat according to the company, not quite up to standards. Only a relatively small batch of cookies were subject to the recall, but the strange taste and odor were obviously onerous enough for “Little Brownie” to announce the recall, of cookies sold in the Houston area.

Consumers who may have purchased the “stinky” scout cookies are encouraged to all 1-800-962-1718 or contact Little Brownie to resolve issues. As an old time fan of the “thin mints” other Girl Scout favorites, I shudder to think those delectable morsels turning out as stinkers. It should be noted again, the cookies in question are not a health hazard, they just don’t smell or taste right.

The recall is a localized one, just so you know. The cookies in question were only sold over a limited market area in Texas according to the news. Still, this is the first time I can remember the cookies ever being involved in a recall. The Girl Scouts of America have been selling these great treats since 1917. The proceeds go to help young ladies through the Girl Scouts.

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