Sunset Valley Issues Marketing RFP

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals to establish a contract through competitive negotiation with a qualified marketing firm with solid experience in marketing research (both quantitative and qualitative) to develop marketing strategies to improve market position, name recognition, improve the retail shopping experience, improve the attraction of the City of Sunset Valley as a destination City; and make recommendations for performance measurement. 


1) Experience in retail and commercial real estate traffic generation (B2C) and B2B)

2) Experience in economic development

3) Experience working with municipal, county, or state government

4) Ability to leverage traditional, digital, and onsite media to deliver messages to target audiences

5) Creative that reflects strategic strategies

6) Ability to measure effectiveness of programs and campaigns

7) Ability to develop programs and campaign to meet goals and objectives within specified budget parameters

8) Ability to manage subcontractors and assume responsibility for their work.

BUDGET $230,000

A. The primary goals/objectives to be achieved by the marketing initiative include, but are not limited to: 

1) Marketing strategies to improve the City of Sunset Valley’s retail shopping position relative to cities in the surrounding area 2) Name and destination recognition of the City of Sunset Valley 3) Improve the shopping experience of shoppers who visit and shop in Sunset Valley 4) Promote Sunset Valley as a premiere location for top line retailers.


1. The consultant should specialize in developing and executing strategic business development plans with the capacities for project management, research, marketing, and creative design. The consultant must demonstrate that it is a firm with experience with municipalities, affinity groups, and large scale mixed-use developments.   Priority will be given to those firms that have relevant experience in the Austin MSA.  

2. The City of Sunset Valley desires to issue a contract to a single qualified consultant to lead the project. Consulting proposals based on a consortium approach where more than one firm will provide support within a consulting team are acceptable with single project manager.  


Founded in 1954 by people who wanted to keep a quiet, friendly way of life, the City of Sunset Valley celebrates its independent identity and  desire to remain a primarily rural residential community.

Measuring just one square mile, Sunset Valley is located south of downtown Austin.  Completely surrounded by the Capitol city, Sunset Valley is a place of natural beauty, with acres of open space and conservation land for native plants and animals.

Scope of Work:

Project Management – The consultant will lead all aspects of the City of Sunset Valley marketing initiative, including the following: 

1. Advisory to the Steering Committee – This team will be composed of representatives from CED, Council, city administration and the City and community. Meeting attendance will be required. 

2. Lead for various focus groups composed of residents, business owners and AISD to determine existing attitudes, perceptions, opportunities and challenges to enhance the City’s image. 

3. Facilitator during the research process and/or testing – Include descriptions of community engagement efforts that will take place during this process. The City has a very involved and engaged community. The consultant will be expected to employ creative means of public involvement to ensure that multiple segments of the community are aware of and involved in the project. 

4. Research – Research will be the basis for the development of a marketing concept, creative elements, messaging/positioning and an overall brand initiative. The consultant will create and implement a marketing plan, which will include qualitative and quantitative research to identify the following:   

a. List of key stakeholders, groups, or influential individuals, as well as a cross section of residents and business owners in Sunset Valley and those outside of the city that have a vested interest in the branding initiative and need to be involved in the process.  

b. The key elements of the City. 

c. Analysis of current efforts and existing creative elements such as logos, tag lines, and creative designs. 

d. Analysis of competitor marketing strategies.  

e. Develop metrics that will be used to measure outcomes

5. Strategic Marketing Plan – The consultant will develop strategic objectives that will include implementation, management and ongoing promotion of the marketing plan to include, but not be limited to the following:  

a. Promotion of the marketing plan for the City of Sunset Valley and possible other agencies, groups and businesses. 

b. Maintenance and consistency of marketing efforts and messaging 

c. Recommendation of ways to articulate the City’s marketing effort goals; define markets and promotional avenues; and advise on strategies to better promote and create awareness of our City. 

6. Creative/Development of an overall plan – The consultant will develop creative elements that include design concepts, logos, messages, mission statement, tagline, and other products to support the overall marketing initiative. A minimum of three distinct creative options must be presented, based on the results of the research. The selected logo design (including the current logo) will be delivered with a style manual and guidelines for use and the capability of use in the following: 

a. Print and electronic advertising

b. Website design  

c. Media placement  

d. Public Relations  

e. Events  

f. Templates  

7. Implementation of the Plan – The consultant will develop an action plan for implementation of the marketing plan in enough detail to allow Steering Committee to understand the approach and work plan. An Action Plan should include, but not be limited to the following:  

a. Estimated costs/budget associated with the implementation process. 

b. Proposed timelines for development of creative elements. 

c. Recommended positioning logo and brand guidelines. 

d. Implementation plans for brand identity    

8. Evaluation Plan – The consultant will develop a plan for ongoing evaluation of the marketing plan’s effectiveness and reporting of results of the strategy to the Steering Committee, key stakeholders and the public.  

Due Date:

May 22, 2020


Sylvia Carrillo-Trevino, City Administrator 3205 Jones Road Sunset Valley, TX 78745 Telephone: (512) 892-1383  Fax: (512) 892-6108 E-mail:

Agencies worth considering for this assignment include Coyne PR and Ketchum PR.

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