Sysomos Shows You How to Turn Social Intelligence into Smart Crisis Prevention

Social Media Crisis Prevention

Sysomos’ latest tip sheet offers suggestions to help organizations prevent and effectively control public relations crises that can rapidly spread across social media channels.

Sysomos has released a new tip sheet offering useful insight and practical suggestions for preventing a social media crisis from occurring, as well as managing an impending crisis.

The tip sheet, rich in examples, is the seventh in a series designed to help marketers leverage social media monitoring in their business. Other reports include Five Tips for Setting Measurable Social Media Goals; How to Get Social Media Influencers Talking about You; 8 Ways to Build Your Brand with Social Media; How to Generate Leads through the Social Web; 20 Social Media Resolutions and How to Accurately Track Your Social Media Buzz.

Turn Social Intelligence into Smart Crisis Prevention advises to control a crisis by developing positive relationships with major influencers, fans and clients ahead of time; and warns that overreacting to a crisis can hurt a brand as much as can under-reacting.

The tip sheet also shows you how to develop smart pre-prepared messages to speed response; and how to adapt them to each unique situation.

A very important takeaway is that every company should have an updated, readily accessible social media crisis plan that represents each of its departments, because a crisis can range from an executive faux pas to poor customer service to a product malfunction.

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