Tactics For Better Email Marketing Campaigns

In-person marketing has been on a steep decline this year due to the pandemic, which means that most marketers have been putting even more pressure on digital marketing, and it’s the main component – email. However, not all email tactics are created equal, and some are certainly more effective than others.

Mobile-Responsive Templates

Many customers tend to check their email through the email app or the browser on their phones. This means that the promotional emails that businesses send out have to be optimized for those devices, to ensure the content will be available no matter what way the customer chooses to open the email they receive. However, to receive the most engagement, the emails shouldn’t be too promotional – businesses should strive for genuine and empathetic tones in them.

Screen Real Estate

Like the last point, businesses have to keep the mobile screen’s real estate in mind when sending out emails. Mobile screens, which, as previously discussed, are a lot smaller. This means that all content needs to be sized properly, including the emails’ subject lines – having a clear and concise subject line means it wouldn’t get cut off the screen. The ideal length is 4 to 7 words and should include familiar language and be personalized.

Clear CTA

The wide variety of calls to action is an excellent promotional tool for any business that can range from online coupons to QR codes. However, regardless of the platform, the call to action should always be clear – the links and buttons in the email should be easy to find and click. As soon as the customer is finished reading, they should know what the email wants from them, and have an easy time taking that action.

Encourage Replies

There is a big opportunity for meaningful conversations with email marketing, which is not available through many other means. With a good targeting campaign and an entertaining voice, the customers are really going to be interested in the business and the emails they receive. Additionally, encouraging the customers to respond to the email, whether that’s through a click on a link, or through an actual, written reply is up to the business, but it’s certainly the best way to see what the customers want.

Test Everything

From the subject line to the content, businesses should never send out emails without making sure that everything is working as it should be. Double-checking that the messages look the way that they are supposed to be easy with various online services, or simply send the email to an employee account first, to see what it looks like.


Customers want to feel like they are more than numbers, which means personalized emails. This doesn’t mean simply including their name in the email’s opening line – promotional emails can be further personalized according to the age, gender, location, and many more data about the consumers, which can add even more value to the audience.

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