Buddy Holly Remembered on the Day the Music Died

2010-02-03 by EPR Staff
Buddy Holly

It's February 3, the day the music died. I wasn't around during the days of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson, but I do know of their songs. I've seen the movie and a few of the others inspired by today's commemorated tragic tale, but the impact of the fallen artists reaches so much further than that. On their way to stardom, Holly, Valens, Richardson and the pilot died in a fatal plane crash on this day, back in 1959. Beyond the movies there were songs, including American Pie by Don McLean. The folk singer wrote... Read More >

How Kelly Cutrone’s Reality TV Show Can Change Public Relations

2010-02-02 by EPR Staff
Kelly Cutrone

She's ruthless, she works in the underbelly of the fashion world, and she has her own show on Bravo. Debuting last night, Cutrone was introduced to us as the powerful force behind the PR firm she founded, People's Revolution. Organizing and running fashion shows across the globe, Cutrone has a high-stress job with lots of minions quaking in her shadow. Teaching her employees and the rest of us about the business side of making fashion fashionable isn't a job for the faint of heart. Cutrone and Bravo bring PR into the new era with her new show, "Kell on Earth."... Read More >

Super Bowl Ads Sell Out, at What Cost?

2010-02-02 by EPR Staff
superbowl advertisement ronn torossian

Turns out, the Super Bowl might be okay after all. I'm not talking about the game. That will be entertaining, I'm sure. But the commercials are often the longer-lasting points of discussion when it comes to the biggest game night of the year, with all of America tuning in for the season-ending championship. With the current economy, the decreasing viewership of major broadcast television and the shifting of ad dollars into the social media marketplace, there was a good amount of concern over CBS's ability to maintain the advertising tradition. Today, however, CBS has announced that it did sell all... Read More >

National Lady Gaga Day – Fans Gather on Facebook

2010-01-29 by EPR Staff
national lady gaga day everything pr

Some 100,000 plus people declared today Lady Gaga Day on Facebook. The meaning of this accolade seems obscure at the moment but if Lady Gaga is the subject, one can only assume elaborate costumes, sex, some tunes, and "little monsters" are involved. Whatever the party is about, it has gone viral on the Web for sure. A student, Sarah Jane Elliott, created the auspicious event on Facebook, and so far more than 100,000 guests have acknowledged their attendance via RSVP. This opportunity to act like, dress like, dance like, and if at all possible BE Lady Gaga, ensures theme parties... Read More >

Social Media Stealing Superbowl Ad Dollars

2010-01-26 by EPR Staff
superbowl advertisement ronn torossian

The Superbowl has attracted millions of football fans every year. In turn, the annual championship NFL game attracts millions of dollars per 30-second ad spot from brands across the nation. As one of the largest events with the most viewers at a given time, the Superbowl has become the epitome of television marketing. Then along came the Internet. It's taken some time for the advertising industry to adjust, but online marketing is beginning to change the game of Superbowl advertising. According to the Los Angeles Times, Fed-Ex and other big brands are opting out of the big-budget ad spots that... Read More >

Dunn&Co. to Advertise Bonaire

2010-01-26 by EPR Staff

The island of Bonaire, a popular Dutch Caribbean vacation destination, has chosen to hire an agency of record to help them promote the island as a spot to vacation. For this position, the Tourism Corporation Bonaire has selected Dunn&Co. to continue their role as promoter. The island has been working with the company for a year now and has finally made the position formal. "There will be a more concerted effort to promote the island of Bonaire as a travel destination in 2010," said Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes, Director, Tourism Corporation Bonaire. "After working with Dunn&Co. for the past year, we... Read More >

Kim Kardashian, Twitter and The Law

2010-01-14 by EPR Staff
twitter everything-pr

Twitter. What is it, really? A blog? A chat room? An email system? The ability to support so many types of conversation streams without having to invest a deep personal relationship with the service itself is the prime trait that Twitter has harnessed. And that could lead some of us in some very hot water. The fluidity of a service like Twitter creates a grey area which can be left to interpretation, by pundits, social media experts, journalists and individual users. Lawyers and judges, however, may soon get in on this debate. The legal issues that can arise from a... Read More >

Adam Schefter Demonstrates ESPN’s Twitter Benefits

2010-01-11 by EPR Staff
Adam Schefter

Twitter can make you go mad. Just ask Adam Schefter, ESPN reporter. After he began tweeting, he realized how addictive it can be. With over 75,000 followers, responding to all of their questions, replies and comments is an overwhelming task. So how can ESPN manage an employee’s Twitter presence, and how will Twitter and similar platforms continue shifting the journalism landscape? In a recent interview with Sporting News, Schefter noted his process for tweeting about breaking news. A story filed by ESPN that’s worthy of a tweet, directing followers to check out the ESPN website or tune to its cable... Read More >

Social Media Creating Bold, New Criminals

2010-01-07 by EPR Staff
Craig Lynch criminal everything-pr

It turns out, Craig Lynch may very well be the John Dillinger of the new age. I jokingly made a similar remark when first reporting on Lynch's fugitive protagonism, but weeks later the story is still very real. And Craig Lynch? He's growing in popularity. Months after escaping a low-security prison outside of Suffolk, England, Lynch began to gain attention as a criminal on the run. the attention came from his updated statuses on his Facebook profile. Now with thousands of people following him on Facebook and MySpace, Craig Lynch has become the modern version of a folk hero. Lynch... Read More >

Mariah Carey Acceptance Speech Puzzles Press

2010-01-07 by EPR Staff

The fine people of the press were left in confusion after witnessing Mariah Carey’s 7-minute acceptance speech during Tuesday night’s Palm Springs International Film Festival in California. Carey had won the Breakthrough Performance Award for her part as a social worker in the film Precious. PEOPLE Magazine reported that Carey “never quite managed to finish her sentence that began, "Please forgive me because I am a little bit..." So as the news spins, the wheels turn in the heads of those who witnessed her scattered and confusing rambling of a speech, resulting in the quest to get to the bottom... Read More >

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