Will TV Die in the Future?

2010-01-06 by EPR Staff
Apple TV

Current trends for broadcast television aren't looking too good for 2010. With new technology always on the horizon, and improved methods for quicker implementation, the possibility of broadcasters to finally make a shift into the digital era may actually become a reality in the coming year. A recent article on msnbc highlights the glory days of broadcast television, harking on the magic the small screen once held over an entire nation. Broadcast television was our social networking, aggregating viewers around the television at appointed times each evening. The office copy room became the watering hole for discussing all the things... Read More >

Music PR: U2’s Bono and Self Aggrandizement

2010-01-05 by EPR Staff
U2 Bono

Bono's reality may be skewed according to an article he wrote for the New York Times. U2's lead singer's article compared the illegal downloading of music to the perils of online child pornography in what amounted to a rant over file sharing and his evidently inestimable worth. Comparing illegal downloads to child porn being the moral equivalent of comparing killing a germ as opposed to slaughtering the immortal soul. Bono could use a good PR company, the one he has does not have good leashes evidently. Most reporters are relatively scathing in their reporting of Bono's "bone headed" assertions, but... Read More >

Jennifer Lopez’s Public Relations Goof

2010-01-02 by EPR Staff
Jennifer Lopez PR

On New Year's Eve in Times Square Jennifer Lopez revealed a glimpse of what we can expect from some stars in 2010, mediocre PR hype. Lopez, now 41, "entertained" New Year's revelers with song and dance in a skin tight cat suit which supposedly revealed her new derriere. In the end though, the outfit just showed off what the average mommy of two looks like with a little gym time. News of Lopez's caboose transformation has been positive, with some even prepared to award her a sort of Bum 2010 Award, which leaves this writer wondering if we are not... Read More >

Santa Claus Has the Best PR Agent of All

2009-12-23 by EPR Staff
Santa Claus PR everything-pr

Santa Claus must have the best PR agent of anyone. Look at it this way, the jolly gentleman has been gracing holiday seasons for over 1600 years. What other celebrity can boast that kind of staying power? Certainly none of  our modern television or movie stars have enjoyed that sort of fame. Did you know that our modern Santa Claus is probably based on a real, historic person? Most accounts identify St. Nicholas, a beloved third century bishop who lived in what is now Turkey, as the true basis for the Santa Claus legend. As the story goes, rather than... Read More >

PR Boost for Dolph Lundgren – Ambasador for Marbella

2009-12-04 by EPR Staff
Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren has been officially appointed as "Ambassador for Marbella" by the Town hall on Tuesday, Spanish News reports. Lundgren thus becomes the second Marbella Ambassador, after Alejandro Blanco, the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee. A great PR boost for the actor who is best known for his role in Rocky IV in 1985 as the imposing Russian boxer Ivan Drago. Lundgren is loved by his Spanish fans, who are proud to have him living amongst them. The Mayor of Marbella, Angeles Muñoz, stated that it was "an authentic privilege to have neighbors as distinguished as Dolph, who could... Read More >

Roman Polanski Banned from Facebook Pokes

2009-11-27 by EPR Staff
Roman Polanski

After being set to be released on bail from a 2-month stay at a Swiss prison, the extradited Roman Polanski has reportedly been banned from poking other users on Facebook. Arrested for a 1976 sex case in L.A., Polanski is fearful of returning to the states. And considering the nature of his alleged crime, certain precautions are being taken towards controlling his actions while free on bail. Ruled by the Swiss courts, the limitations on Polanski's online social networking behavior seem bias and unnecessary. But will such measures be taken in future sex cases? In addition to the Facebook poking... Read More >

Celebrity PR: Sharon Stone from Topless to Over the Top

2009-11-17 by EPR Staff

Sharon Stone attended the Elton John Aids Benefit the other day, looking a little worse for the wear. After posing for Paris Match topless earlier this year, the 51 year old star evidently decided to take a new direction for this event. The result was simply not very appealing. Stone, wearing perhaps the worst outfit this writer has seen her in, also appeared to have had makeup issues. Some the photos coming out of the event show stone looking haggard and with lipstick issues as well. Sharon has had an up and down career, and up and down love life,... Read More >

Playboy Sues Love Lawyer Corri Fetman Back

2009-11-11 by EPR Staff

Corri Fetman, the Chicago divorce lawyer who sued Playboy for an alleged sexual harassment, is now being sued in turn by the magazine. Fetman, noted for a racy billboard promoting divorce, appears to be fully qualified to stir up trouble if nothing else. This one has bad PR written all over it for both Playboy and Fetman Garland & Associates, the firm she is a partner in. According to Playboy, Fetman is trying to steal the phrase "Lawyer of Love" supposedly coined in an advice column she wrote for Playboy's website. Fetman also bared all for Playboy on top of... Read More >

People of Public Transit: Capturing Faces on a Subway Near You

2009-11-09 by EPR Staff
People of Public Transit

People watching is one of those things that just about everyone enjoys and there is really no better place to do it than on public transit. If you've ever seen an odd sight and wanted to share it with your friends . . . you're not alone. That's what John Michael Kubera wanted to get across when he started up his new site, People of Public Transit. People of Public Transit is a site that shows photos and even the occasional video of just what it sounds like, people riding public transit. From buses to subways, the photos capture everything... Read More >

Astro Boy To Spearhead Japan’s FIFA World Cup Bid

2009-10-12 by EPR Staff
astro boy1

In the news today, Japan's bid for the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup will be branded with none other than Astro Boy. The super popular comic character premiered this past weekend to rave reviews, and one look at the movie's website reveals why. If there is one thing the Japanese excel at it is animation, and Astro Boy is no exception with Imagi studios' creativity. As for good PR moves, lovable characters such as this little dynamo are always good for business. Japan announced the character as the ambassador for Japan's campaign at a press conference last week. Imagi's Astro Boy... Read More >

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