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Amazon PR: Growing European Online Grocery Shopping

Amazon has just launched an online grocery store in the UK providing several delivery options for British customers. The online retailer already has a history of launching and running succesful Internet-based grocery shops, with one operating in the US since 2006 and a second such service recently open in Germany.

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7 Reasons Knowing Your Target Market Is Important

It’s important to stay in touch with your target market, keep up with what’s going on in their lives, and understand their needs. Being a stranger to your target market is one of the quickest ways to lose business when it comes to your target market.

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Craig Newmark of Craigslist: Good Guys Don’t Always Finish Last

Everything PR News interviews Craigslist founder Craig Newmark. The creator of one of the world’s most successful Internet entities answers questions about his vision, Craigslist, and more importantly he teaches us that success is not just something you can monetize. It turns out, old philosophies and values still do apply.

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Malware City – Fighting the Villains of the Online World

BitDefender’s MalwareCity.com is a quite unusual business blog, mixing anime and comic strips with IT security post and news, online freebies and the fun side of the social world. It is a rather effective method to use fun to raise awareness about real threats of the virtual world and to sell their products.

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Vocus Launches New Social Media Monitoring Tool

Vocus has released a new and improved version of its social media monitoring software, the Summer ’10 Edition. The new application focuses on monitoring and analyzing the massive amounts of online information spread across blogs, forums, Twitter, LinkedIn and other online communities, identify and help engage key influencers.

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SkirtBike: Bicycles as Women’s Fashion Statement

Last weekend, Bucharest was the stage of an attention grabbing event, SkirtBike, who gathered a few hundred female bike riders and encouraged them to maintain their style while riding. Skirts, hats, dresses and high-heels were only a small part of the fashion statment made by women attendees.