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France Public Relations: Who are the Best French PR Firms?

2015-08-19 by EPR Staff
French Public Relations Agencies

The world of PR spans across the globe in a frenzied manner to compel the public to perceive—whatever that perception may be. Messages are being spread far and wide, and not one country can claim the entire share of public relations opportunities. Where one door closes in the midst of sincere pursuit, another opens. The doors of opportunity on the international front can be just as lucrative as those that service a more national audience and clientele. One great country that comes to mind within the international landscape is France. The French market is vast for the PR specialists as... Read More >

Partners in PR, Business and Marriage

2015-08-19 by EPR Staff
Marriage everything-pr

Maintaining a marriage and managing business are both challenging tasks. Married couples own 3.7 million of the businesses in the US. These couples intertwine both quests into one relationship, and here are some key successes they’ve earned and lessons they have learned. Here are some of the top PR Firm owners who are married: Shadow PR (SPR) Brad Zeifman and Lisette Sand-Freedman co-founded Shadow PR (SPR) in 2007 and worked together for years before realizing they were meant for each other. SPR is a public relations firm specializing in the development of integrated media campaigns through sustained press coverage in... Read More >

The Best Restaurant PR Campaigns Ever

2015-08-17 by EPR Staff
Restaurant everything-pr

Business owners and PR professional in Consumer PR, are constantly planning for new ways to attract customers. Recently, we found some successful, fun, helpful, altruistic, and fun PR campaigns undertaken in the restaurant PR world.. Harney Sushi. Ever wanted to give sushi a try but don’t know anyone who is an aficionado to help you decide? Well, Harney Sushi in California came up with a great PR campaign. They created “edible” QR codes so customers can scan the code with their smartphone and get information about the ingredients and prep for the dish. It also includes where the ingredients came... Read More >

Crafting a PR Campaign for a Startup Company

2015-07-22 by EPR Staff
public relations for startups

There are many important facets to a successful public relations campaigns for startup companies. One of the most important things to remember is that there is only one opportunity to make the first impression that but Timex with the audience. Therefore research must be done in order to establish which things the target demographic will respond to any favorable manner. The more research is done in the early stages, the easier it will be to connect with the target demographic from the beginning. When starting to put together a PR campaign for a Startup you should checkout the below three... Read More >

The Best Long Standing Brand PR Campaigns in Alcohol

2015-07-01 by EPR Staff
Alcohol everything-pr

Alcohol. Everyone’s favorite social lubricant and party juice. With a reputation for fun, alcohol seems like one of those things that doesn’t need a PR campaign. After all, it’s already pretty popular. But the sheer number of brands and types out there make it one of the most competitive markets. The best alcohol PR campaigns are those that stick in the minds of consumers and reveal something unique about the product. Here are some of the best long standing Public Relations Campaigns for an alcohol brand: Maes Belgian Beer Maes is the second most popular beer in Belgium. Maes also... Read More >

4 Tips for Improving Your Email Campaigns

2015-02-05 by EPR Staff
email marketing

Your email campaign can be one of your most successful tools for outreach to properly built and maintained. Here are four tips for improving your email campaign so that you can achieve the reach your business deserves. Know Your Audience If you do not know the average age, income, marital status and buying habits of your target customer, then you need to perform that research immediately. From this information, you can discern the platforms where your audience accesses your advertisements and information. You will be able to determine where and when they make purchases. All of this information can be... Read More >

Walmart, Wages, and the War for Public Perception

2014-12-02 by Ronn Torossian

The larger you are, the more public you serve. The more public you serve, the more vital your PR presence. Given that dynamic, Ronn Torossian says it’s no wonder Walmart’s PR team is overtaxed 24-7. But even for a company always in the crosshairs of public debate, holiday shopping season presents a greater opportunity for PR gain – for both the brand and its detractors. Because of this, a new holiday tradition has been established. And we’re not talking about Black Friday stampedes. In recent years, on the busiest shopping day of the entire year, retail workers and minimum wage... Read More >

“Make It British” Names Nellie PR AOR for Focused Campaign

2014-06-05 by EPR Staff
Make it British logo

Make it British, a leading source for information on British-made brands and UK manufacturing , just announced having named Nellie PR on an issue led PR campaign. The campaign for UK manufacturing, ‘Meet the Manufacturer’, is a coming conference and sourcing event to take place in London later this month. A first-ever  event of its kind for the fashion and textiles industry, the summit brings 1,000 plus clothing brands, retailers, buyers and manufacturers together to herald a return of UK manufacturing. Nellie PR is to briefly targeting national, trade and regional media, as well as securing media attendance at the event.... Read More >

Pollack PR Marketing Group To Escalate Awareness of USO

2013-05-02 by EPR Staff
The Pollack PR Marketing Group

The Pollack PR Marketing Group (PPMG) recently announced the USO (United Service Organizations) has expanded its work with PPMG to further support two new fundraising outreach initiatives: Barbecue for the Troops and Dance for the Troops. The Pollack PR Marketing Group According to the news from PPMG, the PR firm will create awareness and media campaigns for the USO upcoming. Designed to spark community engagement in support of the nonprofit, the coming campaigns will be localized and will rally individuals and communities to host barbecues and so forth in support this Summer. Kelli Seely, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer... Read More >

TMP Worldwide Acclaimed in France for Customer Advertising Campaigns

2013-03-13 by EPR Staff

TMP Worldwide received no less than four awards at two major events organized in France: Grand Prix de la Créativité RH and TOP/COM Corporate Business 2013 Awards. TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications was recognized at Grand Prix de la Créativité RH for its work with LS TRAVEL RETAIL and Danone, receiving the silver award in the Employer Brand category for work with LS TRAVEL RETAIL, and also the silver award in Digital Communication for campaigns for Danone. At the Sixth Annual TOP/COM Corporate Business 2013 Awards TMP Worldwide received silver for client Areva in the Brochure category and the bronze... Read More >

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