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PR Students Create Anti-Bullying Group as Part of National Competition

2013-02-18 by EPR Staff

PR students from Seton Hall have created an anti-bullying group, LEAP on Bullying, aiming to lead, educate, act and prevent this phenomenon affecting students of all ages across the United States. This project is their entry for a national public relations competition, The Bateman, run by Public Relations Society of America. This PR competition encourages US students to focus their classroom education and internship experiences into creating and implementing a strategic public relations campaign. Newly established group LEAP on Bullying is currently working together with the Newark-based Boys and Girls Club on raising awareness about the harmful consequences of bullying and educating young... Read More >

Cesar Canine Launches Campaign to Promote Therapy Dogs

2012-10-29 by EPR Staff

Dogs are man’s best friends, they say. And it is true in a way, as they always show unconditional love. But dogs are not there for you only in good moments, they can also help you through rough times, and therapy dogs do just that. Cesar Canine believes that their support deserves to be in the spotlight and launches the “Share a Story and Share the Love" campaign to celebrate them. People are invited to share stories about therapy dogs at These stories will be then shared by Cesar on its social media accounts, such as Facebook, Pinterest and... Read More >

Yahoo UK Launches First Integrated Campaign to Promote omg!

2012-10-13 by EPR Staff

Well over a year after its official launch back in July 2011, Yahoo started the first campaign to promote its gossip site omg! The campaign includes several components and was created by Pitch, which also handled experiential and PR. The social and digital elements are handled by MediaVest, while for CBS will take on the outdoor campaign. The campaign will start this weekend at the Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush, and has many interesting things prepared for participants. Yes, it is about interaction and participants, as shoppers will be able to queue on a pink carpet and have their... Read More >

Agencies Outsource Digital Content

2012-10-09 by EPR Staff
Holding Company Public Relations

It is quite a common practice for agencies in many countries to win projects and then outsource some aspects of those campaigns to freelancers or other agencies, even if they remain the only service provider the client interacts with. That is why some freelancers and smaller agencies cannot really list all of the clients they have worked for as it counts as ‘off the record’ services. This trend continues nowadays, and a new study shows that technical work is the most outsource component. The Digital Outsourcing Survey Report 2012, made by Econsultancy in partnership with United Studios, surveyed 132 senior... Read More >

Oreo’s ‘Daily Twist’ Campaign is a Success

2012-09-10 by EPR Staff

Kraft Foods' Oreo 'Daily Twist' campaign celebrating 100 years becomes a success and has everyone talking about cookies. The celebration of the centennial started in March with the "History" print campaign. The already famous online campaign debuted on June 25th with a bold move: a cookie that had a rainbow filling, thus celebrating the Gay Pride Month. Since then, there was the Shark Week Oreo, the Mars Rover Oreo, the Shin-Shin's newborn cub Oreo and even the Elvis dedicated Oreo. “Responsibles” for these ideas are agencies DraftFCB New York, 360i, Weber Shandwick. MediaVest is also part of Oreo's centennial. Cindy... Read More >

United Airlines Cheers for Team USA

2012-07-28 by EPR Staff
United Airlines Team USA campaign

United Airlines launched its 2012 Team USA television advertising campaign during the NBC broadcast of the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. The campaign highlights the airline's role as the official airline of Team USA. The campaign includes two commercials directed by Joe Pytka and narrated by Matt Damon on a new arrangement of United's signature theme, "Rhapsody in Blue," by the London Symphony Orchestra: "Tunnel," a 60-second spot that shows United's role in flying Team USA to the London 2012 Olympic Games; and "Getting Ready," a 30-second commercial that shows United employees' pride and coordination in flying Team USA.... Read More >

GfK Launches New Tool for Advanced Ad Analyses

2012-07-02 by EPR Staff

GfK suggests that relying on ad impressions alone gives an incomplete understanding of online campaign performance. Impressions, click-through rates or even branding metrics do not indicate whether the advertisement was on the visible screen of the user, nor for how long. GfK is launching a new instrument, DeliveryControl.dx, to enhance ad performance analyses. DeliveryControl.dx tracks browser activity, the position of the advertisement on the website, the user's screen resolution, and any scrolling by the user. Advertisers can thus gage whether advertisements were fully displayed (100%) or if at least 90%, 75%, 50% or 1% were visible on the user's screen,... Read More >

LaunchIt PR Tagged for Althernative Hydrogen Solutions Visibility

2012-06-22 by EPR Staff
Launch IT PR logo

Alternative Hydrogen Solutions will keep LaunchIt Public Relations on retainer to brand and introduce its HY-Impact line of fuel and emissions reducing products to various industries employing diesel combustion engines. Using hydrogen as a catalyst, Alternative Hydrogen Solutions' HY-Impact product line, is able to more effectively burn fuel with a 9-16% increase in fuel economy and significantly lowered emissions. The process of electrolysis separates hydrogen from water and an exact amount of hydrogen gas is introduced into the engine combustion chamber. HY-Impact has a patent pending on it’s CPU technology, which releases the correct amount of Hydrogen and protects the... Read More >

Pepsi Signs 52 Weeks Deal with Twitter

2012-05-30 by EPR Staff

Pepsi signed the most extensive partnership a company ever made with Twitter. The global partnership will unfold over a 52 weeks period and will be coordinated with "Live for Now", the current Pepsi campaign organizing pop concerts across the USA. "This is the biggest initiative a marketer has done with Twitter to date," said Adam Bain, Twitter's president-global revenue. "It ranks as one of the smartest campaigns we've seen on the platform too. ... This yearlong program takes full advantage of Twitter." Starting at the end of June, pop concerts will be held in small venues in the US and... Read More >

Visa Olympics Campaign Spreads Global Cheer

2012-05-24 by EPR Staff

Go World is Visa’s largest campaign in its 25 year history as a sponsor of the Olympic Games.  This campaign combines popular social media platforms, television and digital advertising to allow fans to shout the virtual cheers that will inspire more than 60 Visa-sponsored Olympic and Paralympic athletes (Team Visa).  The Go World campaign also aims to be locally relevant through customized strategies for 70 markets across Canada, Brazil, Russia, Australia, Mexico, Japan, and China, among others. Fans around the world create and submit cheers as a one-click post, photo or video on Visa's Facebook page ( and contribute to... Read More >

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