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Impress Labs Public Relations to Run PR Campaign for Sigma

2009-11-04 by EPR Staff
Impress Labs PR

Impress Public Relations, Inc. has been chosen to serve as the agency of record for Sigma Life Science to run PR campaign. Sigma is a well known provider for the Life Science market, worldwide. They have selected Impress to handle their public relations and help the company grow. With a global market, there is plenty of opportunity for growth and Impress will be helping the company achieve this. "Working with Sigma Life Science and its Research Biotech business unit is another major win for our Life Science practice, launched just 18 months ago," says Mark Button, Senior Vice President of Impress.... Read More >

PR Campaign: Has Pink for Breast Cancer Gone Too Far?

2009-10-29 by EPR Staff
Pink Breast Cancer Marketing

We all know that pink this month stands for breast cancer awareness. We think nothing of picking up a package of pink chocolates as a symbol of our support for this terrible disease, but what about some of the odder products on the market? It makes sense to create special pink makeup for the occasion, or even a vaccum cleaner or blender. But what about some of the stranger items? Like a pink cement mixer, for example? This odd looking concrete machine is from Prairie Material, a concrete mixing company that isn't afraid to look a little feminine. The proud... Read More >

Pepperdine Volleyball Plays for Breast Cancer

2009-10-28 by EPR Staff
A group picture of the Pepperdine Volleyball Team players and coaches

It's no secret that sports teams are helping promote breast cancer awareness, but one of the more recent events was the "Dig Pink" volleyball match on the 22. The Pepperdine Volleyball Team raised over $800 during the match. The "Dig Pink" campaign is something that NCAA women's volleyball programs have worked together on for several years now. They accept donations during the special pink matches and then donate the funds raised to the Side-Out Foundation, a not for profit organization that works to help the doctors and nurses that treat men and women affected by cancer. The organization is looking... Read More >

Do You Have Enough Authority In The Online World?

2009-10-23 by EPR Staff
Authority Public Relation

Authority - For many public relations campaigns, authority makes the difference between a successful campaign and a failure. You see, you can do everything right in an online campaign - you can write the perfect press release, you can have killer copy, and you can use eye-catching graphics. You can then launch the campaign by uploading it all to your website. However, if nobody responds to your campaign, then you have failed to get your message across. Why might nobody respond if you have done nearly everything right? What could have gone wrong? The missing factor that caused the failure... Read More >

7-Eleven’s Hottest PR Campaign Is ‘Brazilian’

2009-10-08 by EPR Staff
7 Eleven Seven 11

In an effort to attract younger audiences, 7-Eleven launched an online dating game: The 7 11 Club. The site, with a splendid flash execution, invites visitors to play an online game that would eventually reward them with a "hot Brazilian." The campaign promotes 7-Eleven's Brazilian Bold coffee and it's a part of a larger effort to promote the company's coffee products. The game is fun and engaging. Players visit Rio de Janeiro's exotic 711 Club where they select a (virtual) hot date, then they must choose the correct "pick-up line" from the multiple choice list. Each correct answer earns "mojo"... Read More >

Jinni’s Tasteful PR Campaign

2009-10-07 by EPR Staff
Jinni everything-pr

Jinni launched with a tasteful PR campaign. The launch was already covered by TechCrunch Europe, Killer Startups, and others, where Jinni was reviewed as a content discovery system, a video discovery engine, and a social search and recommendation engine that employs Movie genome (a system developed by the Jinni team). But Jinni prefers to be referred at as a "taste engine:" "With a Taste Engine, you don't search by what you're looking for, you search by what you like. And recommendations are based on analyzing your preferences, not statistics." A taste engine cannot launch without a tasteful PR campaign: the... Read More >

Smart PR: McDonald’s “$1 Million Dollar Dice Roll”

2009-10-06 by EPR Staff
$1 Million Dollar Dice Roll Mcdonalds

In partnership with NBC and Hasbro, McDonald's brings back the MONOPOLY® Game at McDonald's®, which will give customers the chance to play for huge prizes featuring the daily "$1 Million Dollar Dice Roll" and a $100,000 Online Jackpot Sweepstakes. Other prizes include McDonald's food, US$50 or US$500 Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gift Cards, Xbox 360® Entertainment Systems, free Boingo® Wi-Fi at more than 11,000 Wi-Fi enabled McDonald's restaurants in the U.S. and My Coke Rewards® Points. NBC gives McDonald's a huge PR boost for this campaign, although McDonald’s Corp. "is paying NBC a premium above standard 30-second ad rates to weave... Read More >

Keep Hidden Meanings From Ruining Your PR Campaign

2009-10-02 by EPR Staff
Hidden Messages Communications

Do the elements of your public relations campaign have another meaning to your audience - one that you never intended for them to have? If you're not careful, varying interpretations of your PR materials can ruin your campaign before you even realize what is happening. These less than obvious, or "hidden," interpretations of your hard work by your intended customers can quickly spell failure for you and your client. Consider the following example. . . Several years ago, I was present at the PowerPoint presentation of a manager trying to encourage his employees to become more productive. The manager chose... Read More >

The Publicity Agency: Drew Peterson’s PR Set To Overturn Law Next

2009-01-25 by EPR Staff
The Publicity Agency

The PR Goof of the day today is a rather high profile one. Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has retained a Tampa PR firm, The Publicity Agency, to handle a media blitz campaign in light of upcoming impeachment hearings in his home state. From this writer’s perspective, this is the first I ever heard that TV network coverage supersedes the jurisdiction of a State court. From the news, it is clear that Blagojevich intends to skip the boring trial proceeding and head straight to Good Morning America, for his day in court. A quote from the ABC online variant states: "The... Read More >

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