Facebook PR: Adultery Becoming a Real Issue on Facebook

2010-02-09 by EPR Staff
facebook public relations

More divorces these days are being blamed on Facebook. It seems that connecting, or reconnecting, with friends can lave a pretty ugly snowball effect. According to a UK divorce website, 1 in every 5 divorce suits filed mention Facebook. Whether it's a wall post that you thought was private or a session you forgot to log out of, Facebook activity can get married people caught up. It used to be other tell-tale signs that got married people in trouble, such as perfume on the clothes or a phone number left in a pocket. Then it was email and text messages.... Read More >

Beckerman PR Expands Into Washington, But Not Digitally

2010-02-09 by EPR Staff
beckerman 1

We report news every day. Our nature is to inform and to promote discussion here at Everything PR News. Having our roots in the public relations and social media sectors too, we also have to, from time to time, have to call "foul" when otherwise superior performance turns into pure "spin." Such is the case with news from Beckerman PR this week. Opening a Washington office is one thing, incongruent assertions are another. Beckerman is a leading PR firm in New Jersey, a respected PR firm, even among its peers. Established in 1989, their corporate website professes a melding of... Read More >

Arianna Huffington’s Middle Ground: Print Media’s Utopia

2010-01-31 by EPR Staff
Arianna Huffington

Thanks to Arianna Huffington, new and old media may finally be able to get along. That's the ideal democracy that the media matron is striving towards, as outlined in Arianna's talk at the Toronto Advertising Week conference. Sponsored by the Toronto Star, a print media publication, Arianna's speech navigated away from a one-size-fits all approach to news distribution. No longer focusing on the pros and cons of new versus traditional media when it comes to the written word, Arianna is focusing on a line of strategy that looks to merge the two for mutual benefits in the near and long... Read More >

Social Media During An Emergency: Tips During Haiti Earthquake

2010-01-16 by EPR Staff
hatiti earthquake social media

An article yesterday on one of the finest "new age" news outlets, The Huffington Post, emphasized further what is wrong with media these days. Ari Herzog evidently woke up with a burning in his gut, an inextinguishable one telling him; "Social media needs you." More likely, he needs social media and the accolades it provides. While real human beings beg the world for their very survival, Arianna Huffington's publication serves as a springboard for still another guru of BS. Beating drums and blowing personal whistles at such a time is nothing short of diabolical in my view. Somehow I failed... Read More >

Fugitive Taunts Police with Facebook Status Updates

2009-12-28 by EPR Staff
Craig Lynch Facebook Fugitive

Do we have a new John Dillinger on our hands? A celebrity criminal is on the rise, with the fugitive gaining popularity as he taunts cops and authorities with Facebook status updates. After escaping an open jail in Suffolk, VA, 28 year-old Craig Lynch is milking his accomplishments by boasting on the popular social networking site. Months after becoming a fugitive of Hollesley Bay Prison, Lynch continues to share his life story through updates on his Facebook profile. That's what Facebook is for, right? Lynch has been sharing thoughts and details such as "Wow it really is xmas ha ha... Read More >

Sullivan Higdon & Sink Communications Hired as PR Agency of Record

2009-12-22 by EPR Staff
Sullivan Higdon & Sink

Sullivan Higdon & Sink, a marketing communications company, has just been hired to handle the communication side of business for Sargent. The firm has been named agency of record for their newest client. Sargent is a part of Dover Industrial Products’ Mobile Equipment, Transportation Group. The company supplies custom engineered products, as well as services, to companies in the aerospace and defense industries.They will be launching a marketing campaign to help potential customers see what they offer, original equipment manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhauls. “Sargent has a proven track record solving some of the aerospace and defense industry’s most challenging... Read More >

Lakshmi Tatma: National Geographic on the True Meaning of Christmas

2009-12-19 by EPR Staff
Lakshmi Tatma

Some of you may have heard of Lakshmi Tatma, the 2-year-old Indian girl born with eight limbs. In 2008, NGC, the National Geographic Channel, premiered their story on Lakshmi and her family’s decision to help their daughter lead a normal life. NGC will air an update on Lakshmi, The Girl With Eight Limbs Revisited, and the journey she has faced with her family since her controversial operation. In the spirit of the holiday season, NGC reaches out to their viewers by broadcasting great PR for the true meaning of Christmas. For the villagers of Lakshmi’s remote Indian village, Bihar, her... Read More >

Crisis PR: Memphis Homeless People Swept Up

2009-12-06 by EPR Staff
Memphis Homeless

Not long ago we ran a story about Detroit becoming a virtual ghost town. Today in news from Memphis police are reportedly sweeping the streets of homeless people, literally. In what is being termed as a "crackdown" on the numbers of homeless camping the streets of the city, Memphis police have come under some fire from residents over their methods, and maybe even their intentions with regard to the growing number of homeless people living on their streets. America has millions of people with essentially no other alternative than to seek shelter where they can find it - Memphis is... Read More >

Playboy Sues Love Lawyer Corri Fetman Back

2009-11-11 by EPR Staff

Corri Fetman, the Chicago divorce lawyer who sued Playboy for an alleged sexual harassment, is now being sued in turn by the magazine. Fetman, noted for a racy billboard promoting divorce, appears to be fully qualified to stir up trouble if nothing else. This one has bad PR written all over it for both Playboy and Fetman Garland & Associates, the firm she is a partner in. According to Playboy, Fetman is trying to steal the phrase "Lawyer of Love" supposedly coined in an advice column she wrote for Playboy's website. Fetman also bared all for Playboy on top of... Read More >

Public Relations Restructure at BBC Worldwide

2009-10-27 by EPR Staff
BBC Worldwide

Restructure will see BBC Worldwide's PR operation report directly to the corporation's communications director, The Guardian reports. The decision comes as a measure to monitor the global impact of this operation on the BBC brand. None of the 160 PR staff employed by BBC will lose their jobs, and the cost of the restructure is reportedly "neutral." If we compare this strategic move to Forbes' recent layoffs, we can safely place a different company as "pack leader" for the "lights ahead media." Interestingly, BBC found a solution for its brand and its employees, where others failed. A restructure without job... Read More >

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